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Online Dating Guidelines – It’s all In Their Face!

Searching for a brilliant experience with online dating sites ? The University of St Andrews, UK has issued results from an ongoing scientific study directly into the behaviours and activities connected with online single men and women. The overwhelming final result informs us that males and females are seeking many different outcomes when it comes to a romantic relationship.

The premise of the research included around six hundred adult singles from the ages of twenty years old and over. Introduced in December last year from the Social Research Authorities, and later posted in the Publication of Advancement and Human Behaviour, the basis of the research assessed the needs and wants of women and men when it came to finding compatibility in a potential companion.

Participants of this exclusive form of preliminary research were presented with snap shots of men and women and were subsequently required to determine which faces they automatically regarded as appropriate for either short or long term romances. There were various categorizations participants were required to group the pics in – masculinity, femininity, short term erotic encounter, one night stand or boyfriend/girlfriend material.

Even though a number of past studies have actually established the point that men and women may perhaps recognize character traits such as introversion and even the fitness and health associated with various other people, this is certainly the very first overview of its kind in order to show the point that many people can obtain some type of perception in connection with romantic and intimate romantic associations that the other individual might prefer. This once again verified that most men and women are often subliminally watchful of facial stances and traits. Many of these perceptions, when analyzed with the specific desires and anticipations related to that individual established that nearly all people could precisely determine, from images, those men and women trying to find some kind of short-term, sexual connection along with the ones searching for a far more long-term commitment.

Preliminary data of the review confirmed that 72% of the male participants favored ladies that were open to far more casual and brief relationships rather than females searching for something long lasting. Another significant observation worthwhile noting is the fact that adult men with big jaws and smallish eyes were labeled as players and considerably less likely to commit to anything long lasting, or marriage. There seems to be a definite correlation with casual sex and adult males whom possessed visible characteristics such as masculinity, large noses, rectangle jaws and smaller eyes. The participants from the research were recruited from the 3 top free dating sites, and an mind-boggling 85% of respondents alleged user profiles pics reflected real life intentions.

This study has revealed that people could then, with familiarity with these subliminal judgments, make more wise choices on their future spouse based on the kind of romance that they need to have.

The final outcome for the study signifies that people, whenever taking on board these types of subliminal evaluations, are able to make wise judgements and possibilities pertaining to potential compatibility. And so next time that you’re searching the singles internet pages and you notice an intriguing snapshot, have a much deeper, closer look, because their motives are written all over their face!

By: Mr Online Dating

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Online Dating Sites – Who the Hell are You Talking to!

So, you think you’ve finally met a great guy on the Internet? Did you know that 21% of online daters misrepresent their true identities according to a new social study into the behaviours of online daters. Source: TodaysDating.com

The online dating industry has shrugged off its social stigma and has now become an integral part of the social climate for single people both young and old. Aside from the fact that all that’s required is an Internet connection to get started, social media and online dating apps have transformed the once somewhat shady industry into a super cool trend that allows singles to not only date from their home pc, but also while on the go via their mobile devices.

The problem the online dating space now finds itself in is not being compared to social desperation like previous times, no, rather trying to decide which people you meet are on the level, and which ones are simply trying to trick or deceive you for self gain.   

The study also revealed that an average of 23% of males dating online were married men posing as someone single. Further to this, people looking to openly cheat online
is on the increase with more than 30% of the entire online dating crowd world-wide signing up to married/cheating specific online dating sites.

A report that recently surfaced through free dating sites Australia, the popular Oasis Active Aussie dating site, occurred in June 2011: A Nigerian woman posing as a local Melbourne woman romanced 3 different men at the same time via the sites instant messaging system, each guy unawares that he was being played for a fool. After convincing each man to pay 00 each for her plan ticket and other costs, the 3 men all turned up simultaneously at the same airport each holding a bunch of flowers and left red faced standing at the boarding gate waiting for the girl of their dreams to exit the gate. Needless to say, she never arrived…!  

Even though the Internet dating industry is experiencing some incredible growth right now, reports of increased fraudulent activity are exceeding the growth of the industry itself. Never ever send money to someone you’ve just met online, said relationships expert, Diane Bishop “Even though it might seem like common sense, even the smartest people do the craziest things when there is the potential to meet the person of their dreams, particularly online, online dating sites provide a sense of fantasy that rarely stacks up against the harshness of reality.”

Ms Bishop also said, “Even before you agree to meet your new online friend in person for the first time, regardless how amazing they appear, do a little homework on him or her first. Something as simple as checking out their Facebook or Myspace page so you can see how they interact with others, or what types of comments and updates people are posting about the person.”      

In countries like Nigeria and Senegal, illegal Internet scam gangs make up a whopping 30% of their countries entire work force. We could go on and on about how to avoid being conned online, but at the end of the day, use what God gave you as your best line of defence – your brain! Or your common sense as we like to refer it by.

By: Mr Online Dating

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