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Top Tips To Prevent Dating Services Disasters

For singles trying to navigate the dating scene, a bad dating services experience could be one of the quickest ways to lose heart and give up the hope of ever meeting that special person. From fly-by-night dating agencies to blind date horror stories, services that offer less than the best experience are a sure fire way to lose out on all the romance, fun and rewards that a high quality service could provide. Avoid disaster by considering the following tips for what to look for and what to avoid:

  • Be wary of big promises and overblown success stories. Good dating services have testimonials, but would never guarantee first-time results. Just like in the real world, dating online takes a fair bit of patience, and realistically a good dating services agency will ensure that you understand this. While it may happen on your first date, most like it may take a few dates to find that connection with someone special.
  • Always ensure that the service you choose has a proper screening and safety process, and that the site also has a privacy policy that protects your personal information. This will make sure that your experience is a safe and enjoyable one, minimising the risk of unsolicited email or potentially dodgy dates.
  • While good dating services screen applicants, it is still possible for fraudsters to sneak past the system. Don’t always assume that people are who they say they are, even if they provide a realistic looking photograph. Face to face meetings are essential when you make a connection, and these should always be done somewhere public such as a coffee shop.
  • Don’t ever rush into anything, or let yourself develop feelings for anyone too quickly – especially if you have not met yet. Take it slowly, and allow a genuine relationship to evolve online and in person for a lasting chance at romance and love.
  • Be very wary of long-distance dating when it comes to online romance. Your prospective partner should live within driving distance to your area, whether you like in Sandton and he lives in Centurion or even Hatfield, or you like in the next suburb away – but any further, and you put yourself at risk of fraudsters who use the long distance to get into relationship with unsuspecting women. Always try and meet in person before getting too involved, and use your instincts at all times.
  • If it seems too good to be true, it most probably is. He or she my look like a model, have fascinating interests and have the perfect job on profile, but in real life this may not be quite as they have presented themselves. Avoid disappointment and heartache by not taking people at face value right away, but rather getting to know them slowly and reading between the lines.
  • If you are having a bad day or if you are in a bad mood, postpone the first date. Hard as it may be to postpone, seeing a prospective partner when you are not in the right frame of mood or mind could end up resulting in you making a less than ideal impression, which could self-sabotage your own dating efforts.
  • Always try to only choose dating services that come recommended, either by friends or by fellow singles to ensure that you know what you are getting.

By: Bianca Jones

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Online Dating: How Do I Know That The Online Dating Service Is For Real?

In this article, I would like to shun a light on online dating and how it could be beneficial to you. I have been getting questions like “How do I know that the online dating service is for real?” People always have doubts about this service because of the bad stories they hear, which some are actually urban legends. Allow me to help you figure it out.

We all want to avoid being scammed. Online dating services require some money, and we do not want our time and money to be put to waste. Most of all, it would be quite painful to you since we are talking about dating and finding the love of your life. Before you jump into the world of Internet dating, make sure that you do ample research about the service that you are about to purchase.

First, do a research. You can easily go to a certain search engine and find out reviews on the online dating service you are interested with. You may see forums, blogs, and other types of reviews that will give you the power to gauge the authenticity of the online dating service. Before you even attend to your profile, you have to do a little research.

Join forums and try to check which online dating service have given the best results. The good thing about forum is that you may actually meet some authentic couples who have actually met using a certain online dating service. They can even coach you on how to snag the love of your life. I bet they can give you effective tips that would make the task much more enjoyable.

If the site that you would like to join to has some contact numbers, you may try to check it out. You may even ask them some questions regarding your concerns. Another way to try it out is to register for a trial periods. There are dating sites which allows you to join their site for free, but there are certain limitations. Do register so you could have a feel on how the site could be of help to you.

Once you have successfully validated the authenticity of the site, it is time for you to create an impeccable profile. An interesting page should have a recent photo of yours, some interesting things about you, and a little wit and charm. Try to be as brief as possible. People tend to scan a profile, thinking that they still have thousands to choose from. As you may notice, it is very similar with marketing strategies.

Another thing that you have to secure would be your personal information. Do not fill out everything. Leave your home address and phone numbers blank. There are opportunists who also make use of this service. We want to avoid strangers lurking in your backyard, or crazy people giving you phone calls at the middle of the night.

If you are looking for authenticity, you too should be true. Post your recent photo and not a picture that you have taken years ago. A photo on your profile that was taken when you were still in college, which no longer resembles you, is another form of white lie. So, do put a picture taken recently, 2-3 months maybe. Also, do not put stuffs that are not true. A relationship that was built in lie does not have a good foundation.

Online dating service has helped a lot of couples, you too can be provided with such service. However, you always have to do ample research in order to know that the online dating service is for real.

By: Toby Hardwick

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Benefits of online dating services free

It is said that you’ll meet your soul mate quite suddenly and at some place or time that you’ll least expect. There are hundreds of stories where you’ll find couples who met and connected and later realized that they are poles apart in terms of thoughts, attitudes, likes and dislikes. At the same time you’ll also find men and women who could connect well and live together happily till the end of their life in spite of their differences. But such meetings were matters of luck or fate, as some people would like to call it.

Today things are far different. When there is Internet for buying groceries, order travel tickets or pizzas or even call and talk to your parents, why not use it for dating as well? It is following this theory that many online dating services have sprung up in different parts of the world. Today there are thousands of websites that provide dating services pertaining to a particular country, locality, religious group, racial group, ethnicity, etc.

Through such websites, you could meet people with similar tastes and opinions and views about life. These websites help you in contacting them and developing a good and healthy personal relationship with them. And most often you could find your prospective life partner through these websites.

Online dating services enable you to chat, send mails, make voice calls or video calls to them and thus create situations where you could get to know each other better. Once you get comfortable online you could take the next step and meet in person. Meeting your date online has different advantages like

  • Convenience

Contrary to those olden times where you had to actually meet the person to know whether he or she is ideal for you, in online dating you could get to know more about the person even before you meet. The online dating service lets you investigate the person before you set out to meet each other. This way you could save a lot of time and efforts. Also, most of these services ask you to provide your images and other details in your profile. This way you proceed with your relationship only if you like what you see at the first glance.

  • Comfortable

Dating is a system that could involve many or at least some awkward or embarrassing moments. For example, if you feel that you cannot be compatible with a person after meeting him or her it becomes awkward for you to tell the person directly that you are not interested any more. Online dating, on the other hand, saves you from such embarrassing situations. Your expectations from a contact are also set in the beginning itself and hence there are no disappointments or misery.

  • Inexpensive

There was a time when dating was synonymous with money loss since all through the getting-to-know stage you are forced to meet at restaurants and coffee shops for your chit chats and thus spend money each time. With online dating except for the cost of the Internet there is no expenditure involved.

  • Safe

Often you set out for a date without knowing anything about a person, at least during the initial stage. Hence, you can’t deny that there is some amount of risk involved in it. Whereas in the case of online dating, you are safe inside your home and you could meet and chat with people without any worries. Besides, most of the online dating services are secure and password protected.

Today, you’ll find no dearth of providers who offer online dating services. However, you need to be highly careful in finding a provider. Make sure it is highly reputed and offer quality service. Check out with friends before registering your name in any such website. Remember, your intention is to find a good human being with whom you might want to share the rest of your life with and therefore any amount of trouble is worth taking.

By: ranjuse

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Choosing a Dating Service

What should you look for when choosing a dating service?

With the enormous growth of the Internet user base in the past decade, the online dating has risen to gigantic proportions; some of the most popular dating websites have millions of members from all over the Globe and they continue to grow. The Internet dating has helped many men and women on the go to find their match and the number of online dating success stories continues to rise.

However, there are a few factors that you should consider when choosing a dating service:

Does the dating website have enough members?

You should always stay focused – your main goal is to meet and mingle with new people, but today every person with a bit of technical knowledge and a few dollars in his or her pocket can launch a website in a matter of minutes and online dating sites are no different; before you join such site, especially it is a paid service, make sure that it is a popular dating site with large members’ base; this ensures that you will meet a lot of interesting people and if you are lucky enough, the special one that you have been looking for.

Does the online dating service offer useful tools and features that make searching and connecting to other members hassle-free?

A good dating service will have numerous features like search, photo galleries, internal email system, instant messenger and even chat rooms; some of the big and established websites keep up with the times and offer even more sophisticated tools that integrate mobile services and alerts.

Another factor to consider when choosing a dating service is the ease of use; this is quite important, especially if you are not too computer savvy; you should be able to easily join and use all the website’s features and tools and contact other members even if you don’t know the difference between a hard drive and a CPU. And if you ever need help, make sure that it is always a phone call away!

And last but not least, when choosing a dating service, take the time to do a bit of research; there are online dating sites that cater for every taste and whim and instead of joining a large and established dating site, you might fit better in a smaller community that shares your values and beliefs.

How successful online dating is depends always on the amount of effort that you are willing to make; be proactive, meet and talk to new people, exchange pictures and emails, join a few interest groups, forums and chat rooms and after you have met the right person and you feel that you are ready to take it to the next level, you can always go out on a real date and enjoy a glass of wine or cup of coffee with that person. Internet dating has worked for thousands of people, has quite often lead to long-lasting relationships and marriages and if there is one thing certain, it is the fact that you have absolutely nothing to lose!

By: Iftikhar Tirmizi

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