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Smart Tips for Online Dating Profile Pics

online dating profile pic

In the world of online dating, the one thing that prompts most singles looking for a relationship to hit the ‘send a message’ button is a profile pic. Although we would agree that most online daters usually resolve to very flirtatious (or so it seems) profile pictures on online dating sites to attract other singles, however, we cannot help but get attracted to the ones that really catch our attention. If you are single and are looking for a serious relationship, here are some smart tips for profile pics that you might find handy in finding your perfect date:
Make eye contact: Statistics show that most singles who upload profile pics in which they stare right at the camera, so as to make a direct eye contact with those looking at the pic tend to attract more hits and messages. As against this, looking away from the camera may amount to a beautiful picture but does not reveal your interest in the onlooker. Such as picture might make you seem distant and reserved and is not a good choice for a dating profile pic. Pics that have eye contact make you seem interested and friendly.
Smile: Looking serious is frankly a big turn off. A smiling profile pic, on the contrary shows that ‘you won’t bite’, are friendly and approachable. This will not only help you attract like-minded singles but also reveal a positive and lighter side of you and help you attract similar singles interested in dating or looking for a relationship.
Flirt (but only a bit): Flirting seems to work quite well on online dating sites. But when it comes to choosing your profile picture, be a little cautious. You do not want to send out the wrong vibes or attract the wrong people. While it is okay to appear a little flirtatious in your profile pic, going overboard might make you seem very frivolous.
Abstain from pornographic profile pics: Nude/semi nude or pornographic pics show that you are desperate for a physical relationship and are not serious about finding a good dating partner. Watch out! This may attract sex predators!
Avoid bathroom mirror shots: Dude, seriously, that is old!! Bathroom shots taken of oneself with the flash reflecting in the mirror is passé. Think of more innovative ideas to click yourself!
Use a ‘present day’ picture: What good is a ten years older picture of you in which you looked younger (and probably slimmer!!) when you are looking for a real date in present day? Do not give out an incorrect impression about yourself. Ageing is a natural process. Accept it and let genuine people get attracted to who you really are now.
Here’s hoping that you will find these tips useful. So go ahead and put up your bests shot. You never know, your perfect date might just ‘hot poke’ you!
For more online dating tips or to find hot singles in your area, please visit www.textdating.ca

By: Text Dating

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Dating Tips For Single Women- Still Single And Frustrated?

Tip 1.  Single women always express their emotions and thoughts better than single men. That means guys generally have a good sense of what single women want and are after- someone who’s smart, loyal and has a great sense of humor. 

Tip 2.  Remember ladies, if single men talked about their feelings as much as single women do, then dating would be very easy. So how do you find out what single men really want if they don’t tell you?  Simple, ask your girlfriends what he meant when he said he had a really nice time with you and if the third date is too soon to have sex. Your girl friends will only tell you what you want to hear.  You need to be realistic in what guys are really saying.  Guys want a single woman who is consistent and stable. Don’t act one way on the first date and another way on the second date. Stability is the key.

Tip 3.  The goal of dating tips for single women is not to change you into someone else so you can meet more men. Guys don’t want that. Men want someone who is confident. That’s right, confidence really turns them on. If you are happy with yourself and who you are, then he will be too. Men don\’t want drama queens.

Tip 4.  Guys will pick up and notice whatever aspects of yourself you don’t like. If you hate your body type, he will also. It goes both ways. If he doesn’t feel like he is very successful, why would you disagree?

Tip 5.  Remember that a boyfriend will not magically cure everything in your life. You already had a life before you have a boyfriend. A good guy will want to help make things even better. Making someone else happy makes a good relationship. Demanding what you want does not.

Ladies, your assignment for this week is to identify two characteristics about you that you love. Write them down. Now, make sure to let five single men know about these characteristics when you talk to them or meet them. Show yourself off!

Best, Janis Spindel www.askjanisspindel.com 

By: Janis Spindel

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The 4 Best Dating Tips for Women

Are you a smart and attractive woman that still hasn’t managed to meet the right guy?  Maybe you have the assets but not the “business know how” to find what you are looking for.  There is nothing wrong with seeking the advice of others, particularly a relationship coach.  This is someone that regularly helps people who are in the same position as you are.  Here are 4 dating tips that are often repeated by the best dating coaches.

Dating Tips #1: Don’t share too much information.

When you’re excited about meeting an attractive new someone you tend to ramble on about anything and everything.  This can include your previous relationships and your most jaded thoughts on love.  This is a mistake.  Harping on the past may show a prospective mate that you’re still bitter (and unpleasant to be around) or worse yet, that you’re still in love with someone else.

Dating Tips #2: Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

Just as men can pretend to be someone they’re not in an effort to impress, so women can take on a “role” that is simply not in their character.  Do not try to be a movie star sex kitten if that’s not the real you.  Do not try to be his perfect girl.  Be yourself and be sympathetic but without being a pushover. 

Dating Tips #3: Be positive in your outlook.

Avoid being negative or complaining about everything that’s wrong with your life.  You might feel pressured to make conversation, but honestly, there are more interesting things to talk about.  Remember that early courtship should be a time of fun and discovery.  Wait until the relationship progresses before you start revealing the real and sometimes unflattering you.

Dating Tips #4: Learn how to take a compliment.

Whenever someone compliments you, do you feel the need to negate their compliment and insult yourself?  Stop it!  You may view this behavior as funny or modest, but in the real dating world, it’s annoying.  When a date summons up the courage to compliment you, it’s only polite that you accept the statement in kindness.  Return the compliment if you must or simply say thank you.  Do not feel compelled to explain to him why you’re undeserving of the compliment, such as “I actually borrowed this dress…”  This indicates needy, self-loathing behavior.  It’s not attractive.

You can benefit from taking practical dating advice from a relationship coach.  Why not educate yourself now and grow in your perceptions? 

By: Jemery Nash

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With Dating Tips, you can have any girl you like

Even though you have seen it many times in the movies, there will certainly be times in your life when a beautiful girl will move next door to you and you will happen to like her a lot. This is something normal and could happen too many of us and in those moments, you will only think about ways to making her yours. And I am aware that if you are struggling with such a situation, advising people like you that there are many other girls out there, is pointless. If you are smart enough though, you will know how to get her attention.

Yet if you are a shy person, then I would advise you to delve into the online social networks and find her profile there. There are many of them like Hi5, LinkedIn, Facebook. I bet that upon checking all of these websites out and many more, you will also stumble upon some great Online Dating Tips, too. On each of the dating websites, you will see that there are also advanced search options you can delve into.

Getting an account on those social networks is also something easy to do. So after getting an account, you will not only get to have access to her profile, but you will get to have access to hundreds of other girls or thousands even. You will feel like you are in girls’ paradise. Yet do you know what the best part here is?

There are a lot of people that are very much shy in real life, especially girls, and they will like to delve into using such means of communication and what this means is that you have a good chance to make them like you even more.

Yet if you are a noob and don’t even know how to get an account, then don’t worry, as I bet you have a friends who knows about these things a lot. Yet, after you will get to have an account on the network of your choice, I advise you to look for tips for online dating so that you will have more chances to “winning” the girl you like.

There are many those that have found their girlfriends and / or wives through the net and using internet dating tips so you could be next my friend! If the girl next door just doesn’t get your messages, don’t worry. There are hundreds of other girls that are willing to hook up with you!

Are you interested and want to know more about <b><a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/4390218']);” href=”http://www.internetdatingcupid.com/”>Online Dating Tips</a></b> or <b><a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/4390218']);” href=”http://www.internetdatingcupid.com/category/online-dating-tips/”>Dating Tips Online</a></b>? If so, please visit us.

By: Richard Trott

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How to follow dating tips

Are you nervous about your first date pacing up and down looking anxiously at your watch afraid to miss the dinner reservation just because you cannot decide how you would behave, what conversation you would have or what to wear? Well, when it comes to matters of the heart even the most beautiful and smart people seem to falter. First date doesn’t necessarily mean your life’s first date as such, ironically even the most experienced daters can have many first dates, essentially meeting someone new for the first time can be considered as a first date. Here are some tips that convey how to follow dating rules.

Dating tips for men:
1. Try not to change your attitude to appear more suited and suitable guy for the girl. Be yourself! But at the same time do not overdo this. There are some personal traits and habits that would repel many women.  This is one of the best dating tips for men.

2. Be well dressed – sport a decent attire. If you cannot take care of yourself, how can the woman trust you with her life?
3. Manners, courtesy and patience dictate a gentleman. Try being one! Holding a door open, letting her in first and helping her with her seat would go a long way.
4. Learn to listen, women so love to chat. She needs someone to hear about herself too. And most important of all – remember what she said! Laugh at their jokes, no matter how silly.

Dating tips for women:
1. A woman’s prerogative- keep your man waiting. May be a turn off for some men!
2. Look best and gorgeous – you are a woman! That keeps heads turning. Do not take chances to experiment with your hairstyle or brows at your first date. This is one of the best dating tips for women.
3. Don’t let thoughts like “Am I his type” or “Do I look like the supermodel he admires” disturb you.
4. If conversations make you nervous about sharing with someone you just met, engage in activities that are fun and exciting to both. As much as you like to talk, ‘EX’-talks can be off-putting.
5. Show appreciation for the bills he pays regardless of the amount. Having no expectation that he should always pay puts you in positive light.

Although not exhaustive, these are just a couple of handy rule of dating that both men and women can follow to have a fun and exciting first date. This is not a fit-all-types of people advice but it is definitely universal and general.

By: Vanni Jain

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