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Online Dating Scammers Robbing Hearts and Cash

In the latest addition within the long list of romance swindles, online dating sites are the most recent intended target by foreign scammers taking dating on the internet to a totally new level designed for insecure and lonesome hearts. Con artists are typically obtaining genuine photos along with names of soldiers serving in foreign lands and using them to be able to entice women into sending cash.

In a classic situation as to the way these scams are carried out, the internet criminal primarily connects with naive women of all ages in order to provoke a fraudulent relationship. Dating sites are the core tool utilized by fraudsters within these instances by which they sweet-talk ladies for a number of days or weeks.

Once trust has been well established the con man will make a request for aid requesting the woman assist him to apply for a leave of absence from duty. The con artist consequently persuades his victim to loan him 1000s of dollars as a way to process the application and documentation. One such occurrence in November, 2010, saw 9 women scammed by the same perpetrator – who has since been arrested in The African Continent.

In accordance with an investigation and in association with the “Sympathetic Soldier” scheme, women enduring psychological and mental challenges are extremely vulnerable. An Auckland lady, and victim, who is assisting authorities with their investigations stated, “Countless ladies have lost 1000s of dollars.” This investigation also identified that free dating sites when compared with subscription structured dating sites were found to be more widespread with regards to these types of activities. The “Sympathetic Soldier” scheme is quite wide-spread, so well-known in fact that the U.S. military published a public statement mid year 2010 warning men and women about this specific developing relationship scam.

The police force chief leading the preliminary research warned the general public against transferring cash to individuals they come directly into contact with on the net, and to recognize this kind of relationship fraud. In a public call for support, law enforcement officials have requested those who have come into immediate contact with this particular activity to save any dialogue and communication data as prospective evidence to aid with upcoming prosecutions.

By: Mr Online Dating

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Singles Using Online Dating Sites – Looking for Love or Lust?

Are you simply dating or genuinely planning to wed any of the online singles that you’re emailing, chatting with or actually dating? There are fundamentally two kinds of online single daters. The first one is “press the button, I’m available now” and the second one is “are you joking, I’m not prepared to do that (once again).” Many males and females are like cabs, they pick up and drop off each day, their girlfriends and boyfriends, or their acquaintances, occasionally depending upon how seriously they’ve been burned or their willingness to commit at altogether.

So now comes Mrs. Right or Mr. Right and all of that switches as nothing – distance, time, employment, other obstructions, past pain, past brokenheartedness – all of a sudden do not matter in the sunshine and blissfulness of true love. The light switches “green” and Mr. No-commitment becomes  the Groom or Ms. Play-Around turns into a Bride. It adopts the right timing and the right individual and I believe God’s timing to meet that exceptional one who will love you beyond your pain and your past times,  no matter what happens.

Therefore don’t be a “just-settle” for this type of individual in your online dating singles ventures. Be really fastidious or you’ll regret it and get uninterested and wind up discontented again. Do not simply settle for a warm body, calculate and search out your soul mate. Work on bettering all of who you are in the meanwhile, so that you may give and be that Mr. Right or Mrs. Right once the timing is correct and you wish to take the last cab ride of your life. No additional drop-offs for you – only love, dedication, dating your prospective spouse and planning to marry. May you encounter the woman or man of your aspirations lightning-quick and with a clang of thunderbolt so that you acknowledge this is the one for you.

By: Mr Online Dating

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Online Dating And Married Men – Is He Married?


Trends for men using online dating sites tell us that 25% of male members who sign up are married and are dishonest with their marital status within their singles profile.

However let’s not tarnish the many good guys that you can meet through online dating sites with the same brush, learn how to detect a serial cheater.

Life as a single person at times can be exhilarating and carefree, however in the back of a single girls mind, she awaits prince charming who can offer her companionship, romance and a future life partner.



Married men who are dating online often leave little clues (unknowingly) about their real lives, here’s what you can look out for before you fall in love with a married man you met on the internet.

Where does he live? Is he hesitant about showing you where he lives? Does he appear nervous about being seen in public with you? Has he given you his home number yet or just his mobile and work numbers?

Is he frequently calling off dates at the last minute using suspicious or weak excuses? Be aware if this type of behaviour starts to form a never-ending pattern.

Just because he does not wear a wedding ring doesn’t mean he isn’t married. If you can see a tan line or groove on his wedding ring finger, guess what? He’s married!

What are his eating habits like? Single men will either cook for themselves, or eat out. Does he look well nourished but is vague when it comes to eating preferences, sorry to say, but it’s probably his wife that is keeping him well fed.

Does he keep an odd schedule? Does he ask you to only call during certain times of the day or night? This could be a sign that he is trying to coordinate his family life with adulterous activities.

Check out his Facebook page to see if there are any inconsistencies with the information he gives you.

Singles dating sites are a wonderful way to meet new people, however it’s crucial you use your judgement and be diligent in determining his marital status before you give your heart to someone else.


By: Mr Online Dating

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3 Ways To Build an Even Better Online Dating User Profile

The levels of competition with regard to gaining attention when using online dating sites is usually intense. So extreme, in fact, that many people resort to lying or publishing out-of-date snap shots to try and attract the next date.

Allow me to share three precise profile tips you are able to incorporate to strengthen your user profile right now.

1) Keep away from Negativity. Have you ever gone out on a first date when the woman / man you were with complained about his/her work, ex, for example? This type of destructive talk is a fundamental turnoff. Likewise, negativity is usually a substantial turnoff in your profile. Becoming positive is like a magnet. Being pessimistic is a lot like putting on a skunk aroma.

2) Go From Traditional to Completely Unique. Use creative words which are actually descriptive. Preferably instead of saying “on sweltering days I like to go to the water or on a stroll,” articulate, “on a sizzling day my daring side leads me to traversing the sea on a sailboat or simply discovering a new waterfall that I can cool off under.”

In its place of “I prefer to locate unique situations,” express, “I am a lot like Indiana Jones in which I appreciate discovering the mysteries attached to living, along with training my imagination to respect unique things.”

3) Stop Wasting Precious Time. The free dating sites profile you’ll compose when utilizing singles chat sites is not simply about receiving replies from just any person. This is about receiving replies from the style of woman / man you are usually attracted to. Hence, choose descriptions to help narrow down your search to the things you desire so that you enjoy responses from people who you’re on the lookout for.

In place of “I am just on the lookout for someone interesting and amusing,” say, “I am just looking for a fun loving man or woman between the ages of 24 and 29 who likes the humorous component of life. If you happen to be clean-shaven and can potentially hold a connection throughout the time of a 150 kilometer car drive, then we might wind up being a match. Mail me.”

You will have prepared a call to action, which usually will help steer serious parties to e mail you. Accordingly getting a person’s recognition when you are dating online is the principal to succeeding!

By: Mr Online Dating

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Survey: Online Dating and Social Websites Leads To Sex Sooner!

A newly released insider report on today’s social trends revealed that 70% of females and 65% of men regarded text messaging, online dating sites and Facebook networking tools leads to sex faster causing couples to jump into bed, reported by a survey.

However the survey proceeded to imply that thirty four percent of females actually slept with a guy sooner than usual because of online digital intimacy based on the market research which involved 1,100 participants in a leading lifestyle magazines annual sex customer survey.

Cell phones and laptops are considered the new tools that are leading men and women into the bedroom. An overwhelming majority of women and men, based on the online survey outcome, thought social network applications and devices are the main reasons men and women are having sex faster.

The study also found that texting is the most common way couples are communicating. Women text message one hundred percent more reguarily in comparison to making a voice telephone call, with males text messaging forty two percent more often as compared to making a voice phone call.

Well before any magic takes place, about seventy percent of men and women utilize search engine listings and singles chat tools to screen future dating alternatives. Out of those people interviewed, sixty eight percent alleged to have had dating offers through a text message, and fifty three percent via Facebook.

The study showed that associations established online found that sixty eight percent of women secretly looked through the Facebook or Myspace web pages of ex-partners.

Other interesting dirt that was dug up discovered that even the heat of a passionate moment wasn’t enough to switch off from their internet tools. When the phone rang while having sex, nine percent of respondents claim to check who the caller was, five percent stopping to take the call!

And once the candle starts to burn low, texting is the latest strategy for digital dumping. Thirty nine percent of men and thirty one percent of women were reported to have dumped their lover using an sms.

Individuals who tend not to ‘beat around the bush’ the internet is the destination to be for those looking to sow their wild oats.

By: Mr Online Dating

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Online Dating Sites and Cyberspace Boom as Economy Slows Says Www.hookmeup.com.au


The worldwide recession dominates all forms of media, with this topic now easily surpassing recent long term headlines such as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
The majority of people now days have access to an internet connection. Since the Sub prime crisis has reached its current level, internet usage has been recorded at its highest level on record (source: Jennifer Dowling ‘Daily Post’)
Apart from the usual small monthly fee required for an internet connection,  there are no costs involved to explore millions of opportunities that can be found searching Google. As our economy slows, retail spending and purchasing of big ticket items have slowed as many of us look for ways to save money.
Current search engine statistics reveal that the word free is now in the top 10 searched terms on the internet. With the many thousands of industries that make up our economy, very few can be found that actually seek out and market their services to specifically entice customers to use their product or service at no cost and don’t expect any payment.
Free online dating and online singles services are currently seeing increased traffic volumes as offerings of free services across the internet are being searched in massive numbers.

There have been big declines in revenues with the paid sites and its little wonder when people can get the same thing for free. In many respects the free dating sites are virtually recession proof, especially the ones run as a one man show. The large sites with many employees and fixed costs will do it tough and will see a slow down inline with the economy in general.
Free online dating sites such as www.hookmeup.com.au from Australia have reported a rapid increase in memberships since the current economic climate has taken hold. The increase in traffic means extra revenue for website owners through advertising.
The Australian dollar is currently worth 50% less than the US dollar. Advertising revenue sources such as Google Adsense pay out their advertising revenue to free Australian online dating sites in US dollars which converts to 50% higher revenue when converted to Australian dollars.
So while most business industries are experiencing a slow down in turn over the free internet dating sector is shouldering some of the fallout and profiting as a result.
Jennifer Dowling from ‘The Post’ reports that finding love and romance was the main priority for more than 80% of single university students who took part in a recent survey.
University students are the main group of singles contributing to the current free online dating boom as they look for ways to save money and still enjoy the best things in life.

By: Mr Online Dating

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