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Dating Tips for Men—Cultivating the Proper Attitude

Dating women is not about looks.  It’s not about money.  You don’t have to be a musician or a body builder.  (Though it never hurts)  Looking up dating tips for men will reveal that success is all about attitude.  You must have an attitude that screams confidence, alpha-male, and fun.  Cultivating this attitude means you should get in touch with a few key points.

First, you must not be afraid of rejection.  Grow tougher skin.  Just for the heck of it, why not go out and ask out random girls you see in your daily routine?  Their rejection will burn, but you will get used to it.  Do this as many times as you have to so you will stop being afraid.

Do you need other dating tips for men?  Focus on building superior male qualities.  First, tell yourself that you are not sorry for who you are.  Do not apologize for your viewpoints, your view towards women and for your needs.  Do not let anyone make you feel guilty for wanting a completely natural thing—a girlfriend.  Carry this attitude in when you approach women, when you ask them out, and when you get a date.  If you keep a smile and a friendly demeanor (while keeping this strong attitude) you will come across as confident and attractive.  

Continuing in dating tips for men, it’s important to stop needing women so much.  While it’s okay to like women, and even to love one person, it’s not healthy to obsess over a woman to the point of neediness.  What if the woman you like never likes you back?  What if she marries you but leaves you and never wants to hear from you again?  What if she dies?  In all of these scenarios, you must learn to stop needing a person.  The sooner you figure this out the better for your own health.  Besides, a lack of neediness makes you more attractive in a woman’s eyes.

Finally, look good for the occasion!  Dress for the occasion and feel clean and attractive.  Pretend like you’re a sparkling birthday gift and that she’s just dying to unwrap you!  Exude confidence.  Don’t forget to smile!  While keeping in mind dating tips for men is good practice, without a smile and a friendly demeanor you won’t get far.  Work on that million-dollar smile and buy yourself a new outfit.  Take care of yourself out there and always keep things in perspective.

By: Anna Karimo

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Online Dating: What Women Actually Reveal

Online dating comprises a series of white lies that people tell in order to create the perfect impression of themselves in the minds of their dating partners. Between men and women, the latter have a much bigger tendency to lie while interacting with their male partners. While some lies may be hilarious, others may be completely misleading and may give the men folk a very different picture from what their female counterparts actually are in real life. Let us look at some common lies that women tell on online dating sites:

•    Their age: You should never ask a woman her age. Well, the same holds true on an online dating site too, more so because there are chances that she won’t tell you her real age anyway! (And you wonder why!) There are several reasons why women lie about their age on online dating sites. Most women lie because they want the dating site to filter their profiles. Others simply do not want their male partners to be looking at younger or older women. Call it caution, complex or competition, most women lie about their age.

•    Their height/figure/weight/profile pic: Most women want to adhere to the perceived parameters of beauty and the thought of being rejected by an attractive male partner can be quite pressurizing, leading women to lie about all that they do not consider appropriate. Somehow, they want men to fall for their charm instantly and not look anywhere else.

•    Their actual contact details: Sometimes for the purpose of safety and at others for the sake of being discreet, women do not share their real contact details unless they are absolutely sure of who they are dating and how safe it is to share their contacts with online dating partners. Married women do not want to be caught in the act of cheating on their husbands by a random call that an online dating partner makes at odd hours.

•    Their marital status: married women indulging in online dating is considered infidelity – the reason why women hide their marital status.

Watch out for these details. There is much more to a woman that she actually tells you. Online dating seldom brings out those nuances before it is too late!

By: Text Dating

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Top Dating Tips – Your Dating Game Just Got A Hell Of A Lot Easier

In the dating game and looking for some top dating tips? Congratulations, because we’ve compiled some great tips that will give you INSTANT success!

Top Dating Tips Number 1 – Withholding Your Name For The Mystery Factor:

When you first start talking to a woman, never reveal your name, unless she specifically asks for it. If you withhold your name it will add a sense of mystery to you that will keep the girl very interested!

Top Dating Tips Number 2 – Say No To Instant Answers & Replies:

If you’re talking to a girl and she is telling you something, and you’re not sure what to say or do next, run 5 simple words through your head: how, why, what, where, when. You’ll instantly find new statements and questions you can ask by using these 5 words to keep the conversation going. It will also make it look as if you have actually LISTENED to every word the girl said…

Top Dating Tips Number 3 – One Way Number Swaps Are A No Go:

Never only give your number to a girl. Doing so leaves too high a chance that she wont call you! Instead, just get hers or do a two way swap…she gives you her number, and you give her yours. The balance of equal power makes the end of the conversation feel less like a standard pickup.

Top Dating Tips Number 4 – Let Her Know You’re Sexualy Interested:

Never be afraid to make it obvious you are attracted to a girl you are talking to! Women give their indications of their interest in a man through body language, like the things they say, and other flirty behavior. But, they need something in return. Once you have been talking to a woman for a while, and you feel like you’re getting on well, tell the girl you think she is very sexy.

Don’t say you think she’s nice or attractive, say sexy. This will let her know how you feel and if you have been getting on really well, chances are she will love hearing you say it and get even more flirtatious and hands on with you!

Top Dating Tips Number 5 – Progress With Your Questioning:

Always remember that open ended questions are better than those that are easy to answer with a simple “yes” or “No”. So for instance instead of asking a girl “Do you like working here” ask the question ” So, what’s it like working here?”.

Let’s do another example. Instead of asking “have you had a good day?” Ask her “So, what’s the best thing that’s happened to you today then?”

So there’s 5 top dating tips that will get you on more dates if you use them in your pickup. There’s plenty more on the site below.

By: Jay Sullivan

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5 First Date Tips For Building Instant Attraction

How do you handle yourself on the first date?

This is an important question which a lot of guys ask! They like a woman and want to make a great first impression, but they don’t know how to act when they’re on this first date.

Well if you’re one of these guys, have no fear!

In this article, I’ll reveal 5 simple dating tips that’ll ensure you build attraction and make an incredible impression on her.

First Date Tip #1- Remove your worries and expectations

The biggest problem you’ll face on your first date is worrying too much about being perfect. While you want to make a great impression, you shouldn’t worry so much about what to say or how.

A simple solution is to not worry about the outcome of the date.

By relaxing and not working yourself up, you’ll come across as confident. Just remember that if the date goes badly, the only thing you’ve wasted is some money and time.

First Date Tip #2- Limit your time during the date

Another mistake you could make is plan out an extravagant and fancy event for the your date.

The goal of the date is to qualify each other for a future relationship. So at first, you’re not sure if this woman will be somebody you want to be around for 2+ hours.

Instead of going for a fancy date, you should meet her for coffee or a few drinks. That way, you can have a quick exit strategy if it’s not going well.

First Date Tip #3- Be in control of the date

Women love guys who are decisive and confident. By taking the initiative and planning out your first date, you’ll show a positive quality to her. Furthermore, by controlling the date, you’ll be able to choose an environment of your choosing.

First Date Tip #4- Flirt with your date

Now dates aren’t always about exit strategies and qualifying each other. Most of the time it’s about having fun!

The secret to a great first date is building rapport and attraction.

When you’re on your date, you should have fun and flirt with her. If she is not attracted to you, then it’ll be hard to build anything. So it’s important make sure your having fun and flirting with her.

First Date Tip #5- Know when you can break the rules

The previous four tips aren’t carved in stone. There will be times when you should know to break them.

For instance if the date is going well and you think sex is a possibility, then you shouldn’t worry about limiting your time. All you need to do is use these tips as a guideline and know when to break them.

By adhering to these 5 first date tips, you’ll have a lot of fun and excitement with women. As a result, you’ll find that it’s easy to build attraction and rapport with each of these women.

By: Scott Patterson

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Dating Tips for men

Dating has now changed to a way to find out the real partner of your life. This is the most preferred way by the youth to select their partners. But, everyone will not come successful, if they don’t know how to date with their partners. This can lead to break out of their relationships and ends in a tragedy. Do you want to be one of this? If you think no, then you should know how to date effectively. For this you have to follow certain singles dating tips.

You should not reveal everything to your girl friend at the first day of the date. In case there is chance to fell down your moral values. Also you should not tell that you live with your mother. This is because, women will think that men living with their mother needs more care and looking after. Today most of the women love to date with men who are independent. They don’t want someone who depends on his mother. So be aware that you don’t tell this thing.

On your first date, reaching at the destination early or late can do harm to you. If you reach earlier, she will think that you are every keen. Also if you come late she will think that you are lazy and could not organize and plan well. So try to reach on time on the first date. Try to impress your lady with dressing and charm. Don’t wear something which looks creepy. It is better to wear simple dresses than to wear casual ones. It will help to demonstrate that you are a simple person. Try to be friendly with your date. Laugh at the jokes they tell if they aren’t so funny. This will make a feel in your girl friend that you care about her feelings.

You can try online dating if you haven’t any successful dates in the near days. There are many online singles dating sites available and they provide online dating tips to help their users. There are possibilities to visit the profiles of those whom, you are interested and you can send messages. Also if anyone tries to flirt with you that don’t suits your preferences, then try to respond fair with them saying no thanks. If you are so serious with online dating, then it’s better not to make a crap profile. Be generous towards you and try to behave like that. Trying to understand some women online dating tips will also comes out handy.



By: Jacoby Smith

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