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First Date Tips For Men – What to Do, Where to Go, And What to Know

The first date can make you nervous and wondering what to do. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself. You want to be able to win her over and have her want you. Relax. We have all been in this position before. When I was younger, the first date always made me nervous.

Would I say the right things, would I be able to get her attracted to me?

The thing is, women feel the same pressure and go through the same kind of thoughts. In many ways, most women will have it worse than you do. The thing to remember is to not put the pressure on yourself. If you see a date as what it really is, a chance to go out and have a good time, you will take a mountain of pressure off of your shoulders.

And they will thank you for it.

Here are a couple of first date tips to help you out…

1. Instead of going out and doing the movie and dinner kind of routine, do something a little more relaxed and comfortable. A simple coffee shop will do. A lot of pressure comes off when you are in a situation that seems less like a date. And this works for her as well. She will be more likely to respond to you IF she doesn’t feel pressured to do so.

2. Have the state of mind, that it’s all about having a good time. Don’t think about the future or whether or not she will go out with you again BEFORE you even have your first date. When you are in this frame of mind, then you don’t worry about the little things.

The first date can make you nervous and this is natural. There are many ways that you can learn how to take the pressure off and techniques that will virtually guarantee that it is a success.

Would you like to learn more Dating Tips For Men?

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By: Chris Tyler

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Dating Tips for the First Date Jitters

Everyone is giving you dating advice and they all mean well. What you need is just a little boost so you can relax and get to know this guy. These dating tips will help you relax and have a good time – but also pay attention to what is going on.

Too often, when we first start dating someone new, we get all caught up in the newness-and yes, in the excitement of the “chase”-we lose sight of what’s really important. The five dating tips will help you remember #1 – have fun, but it is important to pay attention to who he is so you can make good dating decisions for the future.

*Listen. Listen to what he says and how he says it. You’re a bit nervous with this new person and it’s natural to be thinking about contributing to the conversation…but you’ve got to listen to what he is saying. There are important clues there that will help you know who this person is. Practice really listening. He will be flattered if you do, but most important this is the beginning of what you need to know to make good decisions about him. Pay attention to what he’s saying, to the tone of voice he’s using, and watch his body language as he says it. The information you will get from this dating advice will give you much better insight into his personality than whether or not he laughs at your jokes.

*Talk. Don’t worry, you do get to speak. Be smart – don’t do something that will make you wish this night had never happened. This is not the time to quiz him on hot topics like religion and politics – and save the ex-lovers for much later. Stick to safer topics like books and movies, travel, and career ambitions. This way you’ll gain some valuable information about your date, without causing either of you to have bad memories of the evening.

*Observe. Learn to be observant about how your date acts in public, around his friends, and around his (and your) family. Some guys feel pressured to impress their friends by acting macho and tough in their presence. While this isn’t always a reason to move on, it can cause difficulties down the road, so it pays to be aware. It’s important to notice how he acts around his family. Does he treat his mother and sisters with respect, or is he a jerk? No matter how sweet he seems, if he’s nasty to his mom, that’s a warning sign you should not ignore.

*Feel. I know you’re going to think, “what does he feel about me?’ But most important is – how does he make you feel. Does your heart leap when you hear his voice, or does your stomach clench? They don’t call them “gut feelings” for nothing. Even if your brain tells you he’s a keeper, if your feelings say something else, they’re worth paying attention to.

*Go Slow. This is the most important tip for any new relationship. Too often we see women meet a new guy and move in with him almost immediately. Spend several months getting to know someone before making any kind of commitment. Even exclusive dating is something to be pondered for a long time. Remember, you have the rest of your life to live together, get married, have kids, and all the other stuff that goes with an exclusive relationship. Why rush into it?

A new dating partner can definitely be exciting -heck you haven’t had time to discover all the red flags yet, so just keep everything in check. There is no rush. Once the excitement wears off, though, what’s left? This is an important process – this is how you begin to steer yourself in the direction of “happily every after”. Take your time and practice using these five tips to make your next relationship even better.

There’s a lot more to having good dating skills than can be covered in a single article, but if you’d like more dating advice for women, be sure to check out my blog : Be Lucky in Love.com

By: Marilyn Nash

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Cold, Hard Dating Tips For Men

If you are looking for dating tips for men then it’s obvious that you have already failed.  You struck out, you blew it.  Relax there, son.  Don’t cry or vow to become a priest and give up on women forever.  However, these cold, hard dating tips for men are for your own good.  In order to be successful with women, you must embrace the dating tips for men and throw away all the pointers for boys.

For starters, let’s emphasize the point that your old stuff doesn’t work.  So please don’t have any qualms about throwing out all your old ideas and your old “ideals” of what should be happening.  You are living in the moment.  You want what works.  The laws of nature tell us that human beings respond to confidence.  They are drawn towards confident, self-assured people.  Women are the same way.  If a woman senses that you are afraid or unsure of yourself, she will mirror your uncertainty.  You must work on your own self-confidence.  You deserve whatever women you want.  No one is out of your league.  Believe that, and love yourself.

Second in cold, hard dating tips for men, stop treating the woman you love like a charity case.  While the notion of behaving like a gentleman is admirable, being a gooey, overly dramatic and very “safe” guy is just boring.  No woman wants to spend time with a guy so peaceable and ordinary.  When you are too nice, you neuter yourself out of having fun.  Conflict, teasing and having some wicked fun are all part of flirting.  It’s hard to believe some guys are so afraid of flirting that they suddenly become Christian preachers on the phone.  

Have some fun out there.  It’s hard to imagine dating tips for men any more to the point.  Throw away the nice guy shtick.  Don’t be afraid to get feisty.  You can be respectable without being a bore.  The final lesson in our dating tips for men is to be interested in the woman you like.  Don’t worry about whether or not she likes you.  Don’t jump into rehearsed material.  Instead, listen to her.  Ask her questions about the things she cares about.  Listening to a woman is the best way to figure out what she wants.  Take mental notes of what she likes and then give it to her 100%.  

Try a new approach in your love life.  You may be surprised at how effective these dating tips for men can be.

By: Anna Karimo

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3 First Date Tips for Beginners

If you’re searching for first date tips relax on your favorite armchair and start reading because you’ve found the right page. We are going to write about ways to make a victorious date with 3 quick tips. First, we’ll talk about mental attitude, and the mentality you should have for a great date. Then, we’ll be discussing about ways to plan a successful date, finding the proper dating location and how to benefit from it. Third, we are going to discuss about connecting with her and making her feel unique

Tip 1: Your mind-set. Shift your attitude before going on a date, and by that we mean nothing more than being relaxed, playful and natural. If you’re being anxious think that she’s likely more nervous than you. Show your sense of humor; laugh together and there won’t be any more weird tension. If you are laid-back, you communicate self-confidence; if you’re playful you communicate attraction; if you’re natural you convey trust.

Tip 2: Where to take her. Take charge and organize this date yourself. Make the reservations; choose a dating location that you both agree with. When you invite her to the date give her more than one choice for the dating location. Choose only interactive and compelling activities such as playing bowling, skating or anything you both like. Try to avoid a boring dinner at the restaurant or movie night because you won’t be able to interact with each other much. If you’re in a silent eating house with her, there are more odds to find yourself in a situation when you have nothing more to say, an awkward moment that would rarely come if you go bike riding for instance, where you’ll be constantly engaged and active.

Tip 3: Deeper communication. When you connect with a girl, she feels unique and sees you as empathic, which in turn builds comfort and trust. You can start getting closer to her when she feels comfortable near you. Look her in the eyes. Touch her hands. Speak to her and pay attention to what she says; ask her what you’re really curious in finding about her. Don’t ask her the standard questions other people tell you to ask and instead . Make her compliments when you feel connected. If the attraction becomes stronger, make your move and make out with her.

Practice these 3 basic first date tips and your romance life will transform completely. With these first date tips for men, you will become a confident, intelligent prosperous man that women genuinely need and then they’ll begin searching for first date tips for women only to get to you.

By: Nathan Hall

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