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The Best Dating Tips for Men—Guaranteed to Work!

Are you looking for some of the top dating tips for men?  There are many people giving advice out there, some of which is contradictory.  Where does one begin to find the truth?  Start by putting yourself in a woman’s shoes.  No, don’t go out a buy a pair of high heels.  This is just an illustration.

How would you like it if you were hit on constantly by people that you were not attracted to?  Imagine being a woman and having a man stalking you almost every day of the week?  Now you’re starting to see part of the problem.  So many guys, and so little originality.  Contrary to what you might have heard, women are looking for friendly men, though not necessarily the “nice guy” you so often pretend to be.  Being nice doesn’t mean being a doormat.  You must have self-confidence.  You should be a kind person, but one with your own opinions.  

This is the biggest and best advice when it comes to dating tips for men: she must see you as her equal.  Think about the women you have been attracted to.  They were easy on the eyes, but what qualities besides looks really made you interested in them?  Did they smile, look you in the eye and tease you a little?  Were they fun to be around?  This is the person you want to be—-a fun and successful version of yourself.

Don’t put on a show, or flash cash to try to impress.  If you want an actual relationship with someone then you have to be yourself.  If you aren’t yourself, do you honestly think you can keep up an act throughout the life of the relationship?  That is tiring and self-defeating.  Being yourself doesn’t mean you should show up on a first date in a hole covered shirt, unwashed, and untidy!  On the contrary, don’t you feel special when a woman is all dolled up to go out with you?  Women feel the same way.  We want to see you at your best.  Putting your best face forward does not mean lying about who you are.  Don’t say you love things that you hate, or pretend to be someone you are not.  This route will only end in unhappiness.  Follow these dating tips for men and putt the right foot forward.

You may feel you already know these basic things, but you might be surprised at how many men don’t even bother with the basics of romance.  Many men ruin their first dates by talking about their exes, being rude, acting desperate, shy, or fake.  Avoiding the basic pitfalls, and following these dating tips for men, will put you ahead of the majority.

By: Anna Karimo

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Asian Online Dating in Australia

Growing numbers of young Asians also including other Australians are finding it hard to find a partner.  Similar to other Australians, many singles now leave marriage and love until later down the track putting their careers as the main priority.  The difference however, when they then decide to pursue love is that many have more restrictive religious or cultural parameters to work with.  Singles often find that a lot of the available partners are already taken.

They wind up having a very small pool to choose from.

One thing about cultures with certain viewpoints and rule sets is that there is often a strong community and there are sometimes people within that community who can assist.  The temple etc provides a great place to meet people of the same mindset.  If there is nobody there that suits, religious leaders can usually suggest someone or put the feelers out although many modern young singles do not want such help to meet their lifetime partner.

The options range from looking for romance online to matrimonial matchmakers – organizers within the community who bring suitable people together, whether it’s via family or through organized events.

Another options are the traditional parental arranged marriages, where parents pair their son or daughter to a possible match with family present. This can work for some where the paired couple meet in their mother’s living room over a pleasant cup of tea. Although, a parent’s idea of an appropriate boy or girl can of course vary to what their offspring has in mind. Traditionally many Asian men expect their new bride to move into their family home. This can be a daunting prospect for an independent, well educated, modern woman. 
Statistics are against Asian females – many Asian males marry outside their religious circle.  This is acceptable for men but not for women.

The most recent census indicated that more British Asian males are marrying outside of their ethnic circles than British Asian women.

For Asian males the option to “marry out” is much easier given the fact that it is culturally, and in many cases religiously less frowned upon to select a partner away from their faith than it is for Asian females.

Other men may decide to marry a partner from their parents country of birth. Government research shows a growing number of females migrating as a result of a marriage outside their culture or religion.  This amounts to a smaller pool of males available in Australia.

Online dating seems to be an obvious solution to provide them the chance to meet a variety of suitable online dating singles of the correct demographic regardless of geographical boundaries.

By: Mr Online Dating

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Amazing Dating Tips For Guys That Will Attract Her – Win Her With These Dating Tips For Guys

Dating is one of the most exciting of life’s experiences and to help you to maximize the enjoyment for both you and your date we have put together this list of dating tips for guys. First things first, before we go any further we need to make sure that you get the basics right.

Always be early. It is important that you are there before your date arrives. There is nothing more off-putting for a girl than turning up for a date and then having to hang around for you to turn up wondering if she has got the time right, or the venue right, or even thinking that you may have stood her up.

Always dress smartly and make sure your general appearance is both clean and tidy. Not only are you giving yourself the best chance of making a favourable impression by looking smart, but your date will appreciate that you have gone to this trouble on her behalf. It is a compliment to her.

Always treat your date with kindness and respect. You would expect no less from her and always remember that a date is a two way street. Girls are normally gentle by nature, and a date is always a nervous experience. Your kindness will quickly put her at ease and the respect you show her will give her confidence and will show her that you are considerate and that you value her opinion.

Other great dating tips for guys is to act chivalrously. Despite what many people may think, the age of chivalry is not dead. Those nice little touches like, opening a door for your lady, waiting for her to be seated before you take your seat, waiting for her to start eating before you do….all of these are so simple to do but will gain you maximum points in the appreciation stakes.

A little romance will go a long way. Women are romantic creatures at heart and will love a hint of romance. However, you must be careful not to overdo this, especially if it is a first date, or you are still getting to know each other. A simple single flower (not a red rose..too symbolic) always goes down well.

Follow these tips and your dates will be a fantastic experience for you both.

If you would like to learn more dating tips for guys and the art of seducing beautiful women, then visit my website and get your hands on my free report that has changed the dating life of thousands of men and turned them into dating kings.

By: Mark Taylor

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