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First Date Tips For Men – What to Do, Where to Go, And What to Know

The first date can make you nervous and wondering what to do. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself. You want to be able to win her over and have her want you. Relax. We have all been in this position before. When I was younger, the first date always made me nervous.

Would I say the right things, would I be able to get her attracted to me?

The thing is, women feel the same pressure and go through the same kind of thoughts. In many ways, most women will have it worse than you do. The thing to remember is to not put the pressure on yourself. If you see a date as what it really is, a chance to go out and have a good time, you will take a mountain of pressure off of your shoulders.

And they will thank you for it.

Here are a couple of first date tips to help you out…

1. Instead of going out and doing the movie and dinner kind of routine, do something a little more relaxed and comfortable. A simple coffee shop will do. A lot of pressure comes off when you are in a situation that seems less like a date. And this works for her as well. She will be more likely to respond to you IF she doesn’t feel pressured to do so.

2. Have the state of mind, that it’s all about having a good time. Don’t think about the future or whether or not she will go out with you again BEFORE you even have your first date. When you are in this frame of mind, then you don’t worry about the little things.

The first date can make you nervous and this is natural. There are many ways that you can learn how to take the pressure off and techniques that will virtually guarantee that it is a success.

Would you like to learn more Dating Tips For Men?

Make HER Want YOU

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Dating Tips for Men – 5 Mistakes That You Never Want to Make on a First Date With a Woman

First dates. They can be the start of something beautiful or they can become a train wreck in the blink of an eye or in the silence of one of those awkwardly long pauses. Mess up on the first date and the odds of you getting a second date are pretty much slim to none. Don’t mean to put the pressure on you, but you have to admit, if you don’t get the first date right, there probably won’t be another chance to save face.

So, you probably are wondering what some of the worst mistakes that you can make on a first date are. Well, the list could be really long to tell you the truth, but I have chosen 5 mistakes that you really do not want to make. They might be funny when they happen to someone else, but you probably do not want to have it happen to you.

Here are 5 mistakes that you never want to make on a first date with a woman:

1. Trying too hard to brag about yourself or to make yourself look cool.

You might as well have the word, INSECURE, stamped on your forehead if you go this route. While you want to leave a woman impressed with you, you want it to happen ‘naturally.’ That means no overt bragging, no doing things to purposely try to make yourself look like a cool guy. All you will end up doing is make yourself appear insecure in a woman’s eyes, and make her want to take a pass on a second date with you.

2. Trashing an ex girlfriend or a previous date.

This is another classic sign of an insecure man and a guy that has ‘issues’ that most women will not want to deal with. The funny thing about trashing someone, especially an ex girlfriend or a previous date is, it usually comes back to make YOU look bad. Plus, what’s a woman to think if you are trashing a past girlfriend? That you might do the same to her down the line? Just stay away from trying to speak negatively about an ex girlfriend and you will be fine.

3. Treat a waitress or waiter badly if you are at a restaurant.

I was on a double date one time with a work friend of mine, and he is one of those picky guys that probably makes the wait staff want to spit in his food. I knew this going into the double date, and I should have known better. Lo and behold, he was a total jerk to the waiter, and I was sitting across from his date, on a diagonal. So, out of the corner of my eye, every time that he was a jerk to the waiter, I could see a look of disgust come across this girl’s face. Well, needless to say, he did not get a second date with her.

4. Telling boring stories that make her wish she was watching paint dry on a wall.

You have to put your game face on when it comes to a first date and make sure that you are not doing anything that is going to leave a woman bored with you. And telling her a really boring and uneventful story will do just that. She does not want to hear a story that lacks a real plot or anything to keep her interest. If you are not a great story teller, don’t even bother. Just stick to making regular conversation.

5. Trying to get into sex talk with her way too soon.

A lot of guys wait way too long before the inject sex into a conversation, but there are still a lot that inject it way too early. If you are trying to get her to talk sex within the first few minutes of the date, more than likely you are going to give her the impression that you are just out to get laid, and at the end of the night, it’s not going to happen for you. Wait a little longer and wait till the conversation naturally leads there.

Of course, these are all examples of what you should NOT be doing. If you want to get a better idea of what you SHOULD be doing, and get advanced dating tips for men,

Go to: Men’s Dating Advice and Techniques and get your FREE Report on How to Approach, Attract, and Date Beautiful Women…

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By: Chris Tyler

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Dating Tips for Guys – First Date Tips for Men

Naturally, you are going to feel a little bit of pressure and maybe some nervousness about a first date with a woman. This is going to happen. Sometimes, though, the pressure can be a little too much and you will start to over think things and become a little apprehensive. After all, you don’t want to have a terrible experience, especially not on a first date, because that could mean there is no second date in the future for you.

Here are some first date tips for guys that should alleviate some of that pressure:

1. Be original on the first date.

So many guys will opt for the traditional first date dinner. While that might seem like the best option, it usually is nothing more than an awkward situation where the two people feel as though they have to ask and answer a lot of questions. When you come up with an original first date, it takes away that feeling that the date has to be an “interview” of sorts, and it will also lead to a much better impression on a woman. You won’t seem like just another generic guy to her.

2. Don’t feel as though you have to get to know everything about her all at once.

Speeding through the getting to know her process will just make her feel uncomfortable, and it takes away from that urge to want to see you again. Like I said before, most first dates turn out to be just one big answer and question session, and that does nothing to build an attraction with a woman. And if you are hoping to have more than one date with her, you want to have that attraction build up.

3. Make her get curious about you.

If the conversation does lead into some of the questioning, leave a little out there to be a mystery to her. You don’t want to go on and on about everything there is to know about you and not give her any reason to want to get to know MORE. The more you can provoke her curiosity, the more you can be sure that she will be up for the second date.

4. Don’t let her get away without a kiss.

If you want to have a really good chance at becoming more than just a date, if you want to see her over and over again, then you need to take things to the next level. You have to go in for the kiss. Just do not make it seem contrived, make it seem like a natural thing. If you are afraid to go in for the kiss, then you are going to have a hard time physically attracting her.

By: Chris Tyler

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World News Involving Online Dating and Social Developments

Online dating companies are facing increasing pressure from rival organizations in addition to a forecast of an industry slow down. Online dating has become a mega industry during the last five years, and in order to maintain sustainability, the big dating sites in the U.S. are focusing on less saturated markets in both India and China.

Despite the fact that the online dating industry has tipped the billion dollar mark with annual turn over, the big four dating giants in the U.S. have reported that growth has slowed by 5% during the past three years. In contrast, much less populated countries are reported to be recording significant growth within online dating. For example, dating sites in Australia have been receiving more than 2.6 million visits per month as of March 2011. Compared to data in 2008, visits to online dating in Australia were less than 2 million per month. Per capita, Australia has one of the highest rates of online dating usage in the world.

Even though the larger U.S. dating services are turning to fertile markets like Australia and New Zealand in order to recover lost ground in the U.S, the main focus is aimed at mass populated nations like China and India. Despite the fact that China and India contain more than 70% of the world’s population, 80% of these citizens live in poverty. Despite this, young Chinese and Indians are paving the way for a new generation of social technology enthusiasts and the market in Asia is ripe for new businesses.

Certainly there is room for new players to enter the online dating sector within Asia, however the American’s will need to invest in substantial research to overcome translation obstacles and to understand how dating customs in Asia contrast to the west. Parts of Asia are already highly technologically advanced and have a substantial head start on their own native market places. Social eccentricities stand as the biggest hurdle for foreign investors looking to enter the social networking and online dating scene within Asia.

One common denominator between diverse cultures is that despite cultural variation, romantic endeavours have been proven to be extremely profitable from a business point of view. And regardless of economic down turns, online dating continues to remain as one of the few recession proof industries of the 21st century. One advantage the American companies have on their side is the willingness of Asians to adapt to western culture and this is certainly the case with online dating.

Nevertheless, any mainstream or major transition between Western and Chinese social culture will only transpire through new generations. In China, arranged marriages still play a significant role. Chaperone dating and parental supervision is still very much a pivotal role in the matchmaking environment. Such traditions can still be integrated into online dating whereby subscribers would have the option to go into a pool of singles for modern dating or traditional dating.

Online dating has revolutionized the way in which we interact, and regardless of culture or tradition, the concept can be developed in an acceptable way.

By: Mr Online Dating

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