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Date Tips For Men – How to Date Beautiful Women

Have you ever dreamed that you could date a woman that looked like a model or an actress? I think that we all have had this dream, this desire, but at some point in time, we give up hope that this will happen. You might start to thank, oh well, I just have to be a little more realistic in my goals and expectations. The funny thing is, you can just as easily attract and date beautiful women as you can an average looking girl.

Here are some date tips for men that should help you realize how you can date beautiful women:

1. You are not going to date beautiful women if you don’t get out the house. I am sill shocked and surprised at times when a guy will complain about his lack of a love life, and admit that he all he does is stay at home. You cannot expect to just have women come knocking on your door, unless of course, you live inside of a porno movie. You have to get out of the house and meet as many women as you can.

2. You are not going to date beautiful women if you have low self esteem. Guys that have low self esteem have an especially hard time attracting beautiful women. Think about it though, and it makes some serious sense. Why would a woman that is good looking and can attract just about any guy that she wants, settle in on a guy that has a low self image?

3. You are not going to be able to start dating gorgeous women unless you are an alpha male. The alpha male has always been and will always be the guy that ends up getting the pretty girls. You cannot fight human nature, it’s just how it works. You have to become that alpha male if you want to be able to attract gorgeous women and become the kind of guy that they want to date.

Want to know more tips on how you can date beautiful women?

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By: Chris Tyler

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Top Tips To Prevent Dating Services Disasters

For singles trying to navigate the dating scene, a bad dating services experience could be one of the quickest ways to lose heart and give up the hope of ever meeting that special person. From fly-by-night dating agencies to blind date horror stories, services that offer less than the best experience are a sure fire way to lose out on all the romance, fun and rewards that a high quality service could provide. Avoid disaster by considering the following tips for what to look for and what to avoid:

  • Be wary of big promises and overblown success stories. Good dating services have testimonials, but would never guarantee first-time results. Just like in the real world, dating online takes a fair bit of patience, and realistically a good dating services agency will ensure that you understand this. While it may happen on your first date, most like it may take a few dates to find that connection with someone special.
  • Always ensure that the service you choose has a proper screening and safety process, and that the site also has a privacy policy that protects your personal information. This will make sure that your experience is a safe and enjoyable one, minimising the risk of unsolicited email or potentially dodgy dates.
  • While good dating services screen applicants, it is still possible for fraudsters to sneak past the system. Don’t always assume that people are who they say they are, even if they provide a realistic looking photograph. Face to face meetings are essential when you make a connection, and these should always be done somewhere public such as a coffee shop.
  • Don’t ever rush into anything, or let yourself develop feelings for anyone too quickly – especially if you have not met yet. Take it slowly, and allow a genuine relationship to evolve online and in person for a lasting chance at romance and love.
  • Be very wary of long-distance dating when it comes to online romance. Your prospective partner should live within driving distance to your area, whether you like in Sandton and he lives in Centurion or even Hatfield, or you like in the next suburb away – but any further, and you put yourself at risk of fraudsters who use the long distance to get into relationship with unsuspecting women. Always try and meet in person before getting too involved, and use your instincts at all times.
  • If it seems too good to be true, it most probably is. He or she my look like a model, have fascinating interests and have the perfect job on profile, but in real life this may not be quite as they have presented themselves. Avoid disappointment and heartache by not taking people at face value right away, but rather getting to know them slowly and reading between the lines.
  • If you are having a bad day or if you are in a bad mood, postpone the first date. Hard as it may be to postpone, seeing a prospective partner when you are not in the right frame of mood or mind could end up resulting in you making a less than ideal impression, which could self-sabotage your own dating efforts.
  • Always try to only choose dating services that come recommended, either by friends or by fellow singles to ensure that you know what you are getting.

By: Bianca Jones

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Best Ever First Date Tips

You are f?nally ther?. Feel?ng n?rvous ?nd ?xcited. It do?sn’t matter w?o picked who, ?r w?ether you have decided t? meet each other in a neutral place, the question is wh?t to do on th? first date? I hope you will like date night ideas for married couples.

Th? main concept of ? perfect first date is to get to know ?ach other, t?erefore, the perfect f?rst d?te will usually involve ? n?ce conv?rsation ?nd not so?e adv?nturous extrem? activities.

If the weather is ple?sant y?u can get some i?e cream and have a ?alk in a par? or on the beach o? ?ven sit ?n a ?ench in the moonlight ?nd let the con?ersation flow in vi?w ?f this romantic setting.

If the weath?r ?s not warm enough, you’ll pr?bably have to stay indoors. Having a fi?st date ?n one of yo?r apart?ents can b? intimidating for b?th ?ides sinc? the guest do?sn’t ?now ?et the person he ?he ar? visiting, and can’t completely trust them. The h?st may also fe?l intimidated by the exposure and the invasion t? his her privacy. Therefore, th? ?ost common places to have a first dat? ?re ba?s, cafes or restaurants.

Here are some basic first date ideas and guidelines to help you choose the most perfect place for your first date:

Tip#1 Noise. In a f?rst d?te you want to get to kn?w th? person y?u a?e go?ng o?t ?ith and the b?st wa? t? achieve th?t ?s by talking. Places wit? loud music, ?r ?ven loud crowds, ?an cause you both t? ?hout and n?t hear each othe? and spoil the date.

Tip#2 Lighting. Going on a fir?t date ?ou want t? have some lighting s? ?ou c?n see yo?r date and notic? his her expressions and ge?tures. In ?ddition, a dark pla?e ?ight create an impression ?f sleazin?ss that might ruin the atm?sphere you ar? trying to create.

Tip#3 Price. Even if you can ?fford an expensive place, and ?ou’re planning to pay for the date, your date m?y fe?l uncomforta?le in ? too fancy place. Fi?st dates ar? st?essful enough, d?n’t giv? you? date another reason t? b? ne?vous about.

Finally, don’t go to a too trendy pl?ce. Th?se places tend to b? too crowded and, will e?pel t?e inti?acy off yo?r date.

In ?y opinion ?afes are the perfect location f?r ? first date – t?ey are quiet, co?y, and allow you t? sta? for ?s long ?s you li?e wit?out fe?ling obliged t? spend an outrageous amo?nt of money.

By: Umee

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Meet Singles in 3 Minutes in Chat Rooms & Free Online Dating Sites !


Like many singles, your planning on heading out this weekend in the hope of meeting then dating that perfect guy or girl. This scenario, for many, can repeat itself week in week out as you look forward to your big night out. If you think about it, going out to a bar or club is one of the most competitive past times singles face as you are basically competing with hundreds of other singles on a night out and are all looking for the same result – to meet or pick up someone, right?

Not only are you competing with complete strangers who are vying for the affections from that same guy or girl as you are, but also with your buddies with whom you go out with. Occasionally you might exchange phone numbers with other singles and end up dating them later on only to eventually realise you are not attracted to them when you meet up days later in a more subdued environment. This is a very common scenario. Finding the right chemistry is not an easy thing to do.

More and more singles are looking for dating options on the internet and are growing tired of the grind of city venues. Free online dating sites provide a much more targeted and safe dating option. In a matter of a few minutes, you can assess, contact and chat to singles in your local area.

So your at a bar, you spot someone you are attracted to, it could take half the night to muster the courage to chat to this person and the results are by no means guaranteed. When you are surfing a free online dating site, it literally takes a fraction of the time to initiate contact. If you are a shy person this also removes the feeling anxious factor, just flick them an attention grabbing message and see what happens!

Chat rooms are a fantastic way of sitting on the sidelines and checking out the talent before making your move. Its not all that different to standing at the bar and checking out other singles, but with chat rooms no one can see you and you don’t feel paranoid about standing there by yourself and gazing into the crowd.

Web cams! Log onto a free dating site that has a web chat facility. With this feature its a great way chat and interact with someone you have just met online. You are able to assess if there is any chemistry before dating them face to face.

Don’t feel embarrassed by looking for singles online, more than 1 million singles joined online dating sites in Australia in December 2008. While your friends are too embarrassed to take the plunge, you are getting on with one of the main fundamentals of happiness, finding love.

By: Mr Online Dating

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