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Dating Tips for Guys – How to Handle Dating More Than One Woman

When the topic of dating more than one woman comes up, things tend to get a bit polarized. Some people think that it is wrong to date more than one woman at a time and there’s nothing that you can do to change their mind. And then there are some that are open to the idea, simply because they are not really in frame of mind where they want to just be focused on one woman. I’m going to assume that you are in the second group, because well, you probably would not be reading this article if you weren’t.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with dating more than one woman at a time, as long as you are not telling them that you are being exclusive to them and then running around behind their back. Dating has gotten a lot more modern anyways, and even a lot of women don’t want to be exclusive or rush things into commitment too soon.

Here are some dating tips for guys on how to handle dating more than one woman:

1. I have to say it again… you need to make sure that the women you are dating are aware that it is not an exclusive relationship.

Try to get around this, and you are pretty much guaranteed to end up in a sticky situation somewhere down the road. Some guys make the assumption that they have to hide the fact that they are seeing more than one woman, because they don’t think any woman will be cool with it. Times have changed and she’s more than likely going to be cool with it as long as you are not playing games with her.

2. You have to make sure that you can handle being open about things and allowing her the same luxury.

It’s not going to work out in most situations if you expect that she needs to be exclusive to you, and that you can go and do your own thing. So, you need to be able to handle the possibility that whatever woman you are not with could very well be out on a date with another guy. If you can’t handle this, then dating more than one woman probably is not for you.

3. You need to be responsible.

Hey, if you are going to play the field, then you cannot allow yourself to slack on the safety. Always make sure that you are protected when you are dating more than one woman. Most guys don’t think about safe sex until it is too late, but if you are going to date more than one woman at a time, this should definitely be on your mind at all times.

By: Chris Tyler

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Dating Tips For All Men

Some guys ?r? hav?ng difficulties wh?n it c?m?s to dating. Som? ??n handle ? f?rst date but the? c?nn?t ?eem t? g?t the girl ?ut ?n a s???nd ?n?. This situation can be ? huge problem f?r men wh? ar? l?oking t? find ?eri?u? relationships. If ??u ?r? ? guy wh? i? ?u?t l??king to sleep ar?und, then a fir?t date is ?ll ?ou will n??d. But if ?ou ar? lo?k?ng for commitment, then ?ou will n??d m?r? than just ? f?rst date. Y?u n??d to be able t? convince ? girl to g? out w?th ?ou f?r ? ???ond, ? th?rd, ? fourth date, and ?? ?n. Luckily, th?re ar? dating tips for guys who are ??ri?u? ?bout dating and w?nt m?re out ?f the wh?l? experience. The?? dating tips ??n h?l? y?u make ??ur dating experience a memorable one ?nd m?? ?ven h?l? ??u g?t th?t illusive ??cond date.

W? ?ll kn?w h?w first impressions can make ?r break th? f?rst night out w?th ? girl ?ou ?ust met. Fir?t impressions are crucial, ??peci?ll? ?n f?r?t dates. Th? w?? a man takes care of hims?lf ???? a lot ab?ut his character. If ?ou w?nt women, ?r ?t least ??ur date, t? get ? good first impression, ??u n?ed to lo?k and smell good. If ?ou ar? hanging ?ut w?th ??ur guy friends, n?t taking ? shower ?r n?t shaving is re?ll? n?t th?t important. H?w?ver, if ??u ?r? g??ng ?ut ?n a date, you n?ed to lo?k ??ur b?st f?r ?our date, at lea?t. Women love men who ?r? neat ?nd well groomed. W? ?ll kn?w how women c?n be when it ?omes to the way the? lo?k. That conscious effort of making ?ure that th?y l?ok beautiful does n?t stop w?th them, ?t a?tu?lly ?xt?nds to the w?? the guy the? ?re w?th lo?ks in his shirt ?r jeans. S? d? not make a mistake of thinking th?t a woman d?e? not care ?b?ut what th? guy ?h? is w?th is wearing.

F?r guys who smoke full time, ??u had better qu?t? if ?ou w?nt t? find a s?r??u? relationship. Non-smoking women hate the smell ?f cigarettes. Th?y ?s???ially hate th? w?y th? smell sticks t? th?ir hair ?nd clothes. Th?? hate smokes a? much ?? th?y hate guys wh?s? breath smells l?ke cigarettes, remember that. If ?ou ar? a smoker, ?t ?? bett?r t? grab ? smoke unt?l ?ft?r the date ?? ?v?r. D? n?t smoke ?n ?r b?f?r? y?ur night ?ut w?th ?our date, unl??? ?f c?ur?? if th? girl ?? ? smoker her??lf, th?n ?ou c?n grab ? stick or tw? ?f ??u w?nt.

If y?u ?re h?ving trouble keeping ?our date interested, the b??t w?? t? tak? care ?f this issue ?s t? talk and listen. Wh?n you strike u? a conversation, give her ? chance t? talk. If y?u talk t?? much, ?ou ?r? essentially giving her th? idea that ?ou ?re ?? full of ??urself. K??p ?n mind th?t th? main purpose of striking up ? conversation i? to find topics that she may be interested ?n; and when ?he starts talking, ??u listen. Women like men wh? listen a? much ?? th?? ??n talk. Finally, as part of th?se dating tips f?r guys, ?lwa?? remember th?t sports ?r? n?t alwa?? a good topic on dates. Unless the girl i? a sports enthusiast, ??u ?hould avoid topics th?t you ?nd ?our guy friends talk ab?ut.

By: harry888

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Sweep Her Off Her Feet With These Dating Tips For Men

A lot of people go on a dating without even knowing what to do and what to say to their dates. Men go crazy over girls they like; they plan on something really nice for them especially if the girl said yes to a date, unfortunately, not all men can handle a good date. Remember that the first date matters a lot for the woman can already judge a man’s fate whether he is good enough for a second date. However, that is not the case for all women. Some women who experienced a worse first date sometimes give the man a second chance, luckily some men can pull it off the second time around.

There are dating tips for men to consider for their date to go well. Some men who do not know what how to date a girl often fail on sweeping the girl’s feet off, thus, a chance for a second time is sometimes impossible.

You see, dating is very important in a couple’s relationship. A couple can even date even if they are already together or in a relationship. In dating, men and women tend to get to know each other better, and getting to know your partner in life is a continuous process. Also, dating can relive past love flames that one would like to experience and put fire to it again. In reliving the passion or building the passion for couples, it is mostly the men’s job to rekindle or start that passion or the love.

However, dating does not always have to be about falling in love. Some dating tips for men go as far as getting to know the person only and not really forming the sentiment of love. Some men ask for dating tips simply because they just want to know how to properly approach a girl in order for them to get to know a certain girl.

For instance, there is a proper move that guys should make in order to get a girl’s name without sounding too arrogant and/or unconfident. Always remember that girls like a man who is confident but not arrogant. Women likes it when a man’s approach is gentle, also, a man who is sensible to talk to is someone a girl would want to have a conversation with.

It’s really hard for men at some point to approach a girl since not all girls are suitable for a certain kind of approach. On the other hand, some woman do appreciates men who are straight-forward especially about their intentions. Some men just wants a girl for that night, and some girls want that too, that their so-called relationship will only lasts for one night. Although some girls find that too strong to handle that if ever a man expresses his feelings such as that, they’ll find it annoying and improper.

Remember that knowing the dating tips for men is important for them to know the right moves to get a girl. Dating is not necessarily choosing a wife already, but dating may also lead to a serious relationship that is why if a man is serious about getting a girl, he should also be serious in considering dating tips for him to get his goal.

By: Bernice Eker

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Make A Man Want You – Dating Tips For Woman That Will Win Him Over

Make A Man Want You – Dating Tips For Woman That Will Win Him Over


Lets have a great time on your next date by following these dating tips for woman while impressing your date. In other words, these tips will also make a man want you more.


Do not overdo your hair


Never wear a new hair style on your first few dates. It will make uncomfortable and eventually it will make you look self-conscious. That is not a way to make a man want you. Leave it natural and easy to handle. This will ensure you will be more relaxed rather than be worried about your hair not looking right.


Do not over-spray your perfume


I understand that this is easy to abuse especially when your are nervous and keep thinking more should be better. No! Imagine if your partner thinks the same way, over-spray himself and both of you stuck in the car while your nose battle the fumes. OUCH! So wear your perfume right. Spray or dab your favorite scent on your pulse points. Go easy on it. Be the women men adore.


Plan a conversation


This would be pretty basic. But you will never know he’ll stagger on certain subjects of conversation. So this dating tip for woman will ensure your date night will not fall to boredom. Simple subject like books, movies, hobbies and current events will be great.


Be ready for a change of plan


To be more accurate on this particular tip is – not to overdress. Try to avoid high heels if you are not really comfortable in it. Here’s why… Your date plans to take you out for dinner and to a movie. But do not underestimate a guy as sometimes he would include a walk in there somewhere. High heels are bad for walking. So try not to overdress yourself but also don’t be too simple. Wear something average unless you plan the night and know what you want to do.


Update your knowledge of current happenings


It is actually best to keep your self up to date on current events daily and not just for a date. It is one of the best ways to break the ice with anyone at all. This dating tip for woman should also be include in the conversation planning. When a conversation gets boring, this subject will be the best recovery. Talk about the latest news or latest celebrity gaffes. This will also an easy way for you to discover his interest


Go easy on your date


The dude could also be nervous too. He might have been acting to what you disapprove due to being nervous. So cut him some slack. Do not judge him too harshly.


At least you know he asked you out on a date. You need to give him a thumbs up there. And the reason he is nervous is probably because he’s trying to impress you. He care enough to worry about how you think of him, so take that as a compliment.


Remember that after all the date is not only about you. So compliment him on something. Could it be his shirt, his perfume, his choice of restaurant, or his knowledge of a certain subject, it doesn’t matter as long as it is sincere. This will also get him to relax a little if he’s extremely nervous. But do not go overboard with your compliments. Its will start to sound insincere.


Hope this dating tips for woman will help you be the Women Men Adore and make a man want you more.


You can visit a secret source of information on dating or make a man want you more by visiting Women Men Adore.


By: Macdlena Jonathan

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5 First Date Tips For Building Instant Attraction

How do you handle yourself on the first date?

This is an important question which a lot of guys ask! They like a woman and want to make a great first impression, but they don’t know how to act when they’re on this first date.

Well if you’re one of these guys, have no fear!

In this article, I’ll reveal 5 simple dating tips that’ll ensure you build attraction and make an incredible impression on her.

First Date Tip #1- Remove your worries and expectations

The biggest problem you’ll face on your first date is worrying too much about being perfect. While you want to make a great impression, you shouldn’t worry so much about what to say or how.

A simple solution is to not worry about the outcome of the date.

By relaxing and not working yourself up, you’ll come across as confident. Just remember that if the date goes badly, the only thing you’ve wasted is some money and time.

First Date Tip #2- Limit your time during the date

Another mistake you could make is plan out an extravagant and fancy event for the your date.

The goal of the date is to qualify each other for a future relationship. So at first, you’re not sure if this woman will be somebody you want to be around for 2+ hours.

Instead of going for a fancy date, you should meet her for coffee or a few drinks. That way, you can have a quick exit strategy if it’s not going well.

First Date Tip #3- Be in control of the date

Women love guys who are decisive and confident. By taking the initiative and planning out your first date, you’ll show a positive quality to her. Furthermore, by controlling the date, you’ll be able to choose an environment of your choosing.

First Date Tip #4- Flirt with your date

Now dates aren’t always about exit strategies and qualifying each other. Most of the time it’s about having fun!

The secret to a great first date is building rapport and attraction.

When you’re on your date, you should have fun and flirt with her. If she is not attracted to you, then it’ll be hard to build anything. So it’s important make sure your having fun and flirting with her.

First Date Tip #5- Know when you can break the rules

The previous four tips aren’t carved in stone. There will be times when you should know to break them.

For instance if the date is going well and you think sex is a possibility, then you shouldn’t worry about limiting your time. All you need to do is use these tips as a guideline and know when to break them.

By adhering to these 5 first date tips, you’ll have a lot of fun and excitement with women. As a result, you’ll find that it’s easy to build attraction and rapport with each of these women.

By: Scott Patterson

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