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5 Hard-Hitting Dating Tips for Men

Do you remember that gym coach in high school that always yelled at you and treated you like dirt?  (Come to think of it, he must have been an ex-drill instructor)  Yeah he was a jerk, but he sure whipped you into shape, didn’t he?  Now it’s our turn to provide some hard-hitting dating tips for men, written in the style of a demanding teacher.  

If you are striking out with the ladies then you are probably making some very common “nice guy” mistakes.  You need to be beaten by one of your own brothers and slapped straight.  Only then will you get some sense and start changing your ways.  

1. Don’t be a coward.

The word man and coward just don’t go together.  You cannot be a real man and still be afraid to approach a woman.  You are officially ordered to go up and talk to any woman you find attractive as soon as you meet her.  If you want real dating tips for men then stop wasting time pining, working up courage or prepping yourself.  Just do it.  The enemy smells fear and if you are scared of sex, you might as well just be celibate all your life.

2. Don’t be a wimp.

Do not be one of these disgustingly sweet and proper guys.  Guys don’t like you and neither do women.  Be strong, courageous and do not apologize for having your opinions.  Men never apologize unless we accidentally crash a pick up truck into a school.  Too many good young men have been ruined because they are afraid to speak their mind and look strong in front of the women they like!  Do you understand, cadet?  Dating tips for men are pointless unless you have no fear.

3. Don’t fall for the enemy’s ploys.

This is a hard fact of life, boys.  Women will seek to control you.  They are hoping to turn you, a promising young man, into a totally whipped excuse for a human being.  Many women will succeed and many of our boys will not be coming back.  They will be in chains for the rest of their lives.  You, as one of our best men, must not fall under a woman’s spell.  You must remain strong and not back down from a challenge.  Are these hard-hitting dating tips for men making you cry yet?  Good, then continue.

4. Do not give up.  Stay the course until further orders.

Young soldiers, do not waver from the course until you receive further commands.  That means you must not give up on the woman you really want.  A woman will test your resolve by rejecting you.  You must be persistent and not take no for an answer.  If you must, you will adapt your strategy and continue to pursue the same woman until she negotiates a surrender.  Our dating tips for men will not be ignored!  You must fulfill this assignment!Now get out there and date!  Don’t come back unless you have a girl on your arm.

By: Anna Karimo

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Try Dating Services Washington DC

Dating Services Washington DC, is hosted by Professionals in the City, and is a much easier way to date than most services out there today.

I went to a matchmaker, only to be disappointed by her choices. She just didn’t know me well enough to find the right love connections. I tried the personals and that was a complete disaster. I guess it’s because the reality of adult dating services online is that anyone can become anyone they want without thinking about how it effects the other person showing up for the date.

Plus, it can also be scary as a woman to meet strangers you don’t even know. I found that once somebody has too much of my personal information things to have the potential to become dangerous. There are all kinds of whack jobs out there and most of them aren’t looking for long-lasting love, they’re looking for one thing only, and we know what that is! With Dating Services Washington DC  you’ll have the opportunity to meet people of all ages, religions, races, sexually preferences and general interests.

And the best part is, with Professionals in the City’s event you meet in a group instead of what can be a nerve wracking experience meeting one on one. There are all kinds of events that are held every day or night that you’ll never find from other online dating services. Some events include, hiking, wine tasting, gallery tours holiday parties, and our most popular event speed dating – which is often catered to a targeted group of people as mentioned above.

Try Dating Services Wahington DC and see how much more exciting it is from the run of the mill dating services out there today.

By: Nancy

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Dating Tips for Men—-It’s Not About Looks

I do have some dating tips for men to share, but before I do, let me tell you a story.  I knew this guy once named Kenneth.  He was about five-foot three, scruffy looking and in his early 20s.  He was Asian and didn’t have any beefy muscles.  He had a cute face and a good sense of fashion.  Upon first glance, you wouldn’t think of Kenneth as much of a lady’s man.  Yet, to my surprise, I always saw him with a date.  He would date white women, Latinas, Asians and was especially fond of European travelers.  Meanwhile, some other friends of mine, the guys who looked like Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom and had killer abs, these were the guys coming to me asking about dating tips for men.  What gives?

This should prove to you that attraction is not always about looks.  I think Kenneth was so popular because he was energetic, was very friendly and a certain charisma to him that made guys and girls alike want to be around him.  He was always the life of the party.  He was very direct and would come on to a woman as soon as he met her.  He got everyone laughing quick, making jokes about dating, celebrities and about being an “Asian player.”  He was very respectful, even though he always managed to tease women and start trouble whenever he felt a lull in the conversation.  Girls liked him, because he was fun company.  He didn’t mope.  He didn’t run away.  He didn’t complain.  

How amusing, I thought, that guys twice the size of Kenneth, were coming to him looking for dating tips for men!  Kenneth agreed to help his “bros”, but only if they gave him phone numbers of all the girls they liked.  Needless to say, Kenneth’s career as a relationship guru didn’t last long!

Anyway, Kenneth’s character study should help you in figuring out some basic dating tips for men.  Men who smile, who are friendly, and who are fun to be around are always attractive, and this is usually regardless of looks.  Instead of focusing on being well-behaved and debonair, why don’t more guys just relax and have fun?  

This is what people do.  They talk about things.  They crack jokes.  They fall in love sometimes.  I suppose the most important of all dating tips for men I have to share is that you can’t be afraid of falling in love.  It’s okay to be nervous sometimes, but fear is what ruins your chances of finding a girlfriend.  Fear makes you turn around and cower, rather than accomplishing your goal.  

Dating tips for men may or may not work.  More importantly though, it’s that confidence, that sense of boyish enthusiasm, that will make you irresistible to women.

By: Anna Karimo

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