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Dating Tips to Get the Guy: 10 tips to keep YOU on HIS mind!

Ok, let’s be honest…guys are animals and they do have a predator-prey mentality.  They enjoy the challenge and if it’s too easy to pounce on the prize then they’ll be looking for their next gazelle in no time!  It isn’t about playing games, it’s about playing it smart.  You still need to be yourself but at first you don’t need to reveal everything and giving him a little at a time can pay off a lot!

1)      Get beautified for your date!  It makes you feel sexy and him fall off the barstool when you walk into the restaurant (if it’s a first time date than you should meet him and not let him pick you up unless he’s a good friend of a friend or you’ve known him).  Get a Mani Pedi (or do one yourself), where a nice dress (only reveal to your comfort level but stay classy (slutty will only have him thinking your easy) and where high heels because it will elongate your legs and is the signature footwear of a women.  Remember, if you feel beautiful and sexy then it will project onto everyone around you!  Confidence is key!

2)      On your first date, try to talk about neutral but exciting subjects.  Go with cool experiences, places you’ve traveled, hobbies etc.  Stick to things that determine if you have anything in common.  Stay away from personal subjects like your family, how many kids you want, your timeline for getting married, and your last boyfriend disaster!  I’m not that far off, us women do it all the time and add alcohol to the mix and were an open book!

3)      Make sure your not dominating the conversation.  It’s not a conversation if you’re the only one talking!  Remember to let him chime in and don’t interrupt…it’s annoying to not be able to finish a sentence so raise your awareness of the give and take.

4)      Always be the one to end the date!  This is very important because the more he wonders about you the crazier it makes him!  Don’t be abrupt, just let him know you had a good time (if you did) and that you’ll talk to him soon.  You can say that you have an early morning and if he asks what you have to do then say that you have to work or work-out, they are two good reasons to get up.

5)      Wait for him to call you.  If he’s interested he WILL call, just be patient and go on with your life.  If he doesn’t call then keep moving.  Don’t stop dating because you’re waiting on him and keep busy. 

6)      When he does call, send it to voicemail.  Give him a call back a few hours later and let him know you had a busy day.  Give him some time to wonder why you didn’t pick up…remember the more he thinks about you the better!  Another quick note- Do NOT get in the texting habit!  If he texts you then send back a vague response so he’ll call.  If he text’s that he had a great time on your date then simply text back “me too.”  You do not want to let texting become your main form of communication because it does not give you the opportunity to connect and holds up progress.

7)      When you do talk on the phone make sure that you are the first to get off.  Always demonstrate that you “have a life.”  You want him to recognize your independence and confidence which are both attractive qualities.  At first, try to limit your conversations to 10 minutes to make sure that you close out the convo! 

8)      Reject his first offer on the day for the next date.  If he asks to take you out Saturday then HAVE PLANS and you don’t need to tell him what they are just keep him wondering!  Then you can recommend a day the YOU are available.  If he’s not available on that day than make him wait even longer to see you.  If he rearranges his schedule to take you up on the day your available than you know he’s really into you!

9)      Again, baby steps!  Reveal a little at a time… which brings me to the big reveal!  DON’T have sex to early!  That is one of the things he thinks about, is working for and wants REALLY bad so don’t give it up.  You have to hold out or you’re risking losing him.  Some say to wait 90 days and if that’s what makes you comfortable then go for it but I recommend 5 weeks or 10 dates….whichever comes first!  Again it’s your comfort level!

10)  Don’t go on vacation before the 5 weeks or 10 dates because he’s working hard and that king size bed in the hotel room in his mind is his ticket into your playhouse!  Be careful and keep the key to your chastity belt hidden in a safe place!  One of the biggest mistakes women make is to go away for a weekend and give up the goods.  WAIT and save the weekend away for later!

Those are my top 10 dating tips but remember, anyone coming into your life should enhance it not make it what it is.  Have your own interests, hobbies, and life outside of the relationship.  You want to make sure that if it doesn’t work out you still have things that are just for you.

By: inspireyourspirit

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Online dating to get the girl of your dreams

Finding the one person who is destined to spend the rest of your life with you can be a real challenge. There are many people out there who spend their entire lives in search of the right partner, and they still end up getting disappointed with their choice or lead single lives. With the technological advances taking the modern world with a storm, there are many inventive options that can be explored by single people to find their love match. The Internet has assumed great importance, and there are many amazing ways in which you can connect with really fascinating individuals. If you are feeling discouraged by the conventional dating options out there, you can try out online dating to achieve a successful relationship.

Internet based options can lend a helping hand to lovers in today’s world with the help of online forums where love seekers can get connected. Communication is the key to the establishment and the maintenance of a solid relationship, and this is exactly why you will find dating online to be the best idea. Once you overcome a few of the online dating challenges that are present out there, your love life will be able to progress freely.

Many people might offer false information on the Internet, and they might make themselves seem to be more educated or better presentable than they actually are. If you get involved with such an individual, you might just lose faith in the whole institution of dating over the Internet. This will prove to be disastrous to your dating life. You will be able to overcome these online dating challenges by talking more with the opposite and knowing the person more to get a hint of the true nature and appearance of the individual. In order to engage in successful South American dating, you need to be with the right person, and that will be possible by doing your research on the concerned person.

Other challenges that you might face while indulging in online African dating is that the person might be far away from you. This will prove to be a difficult situation as long distance relationships are hard to maintain. However, you will be able to come out with a really strong relationship if you communicate with the right person and maintain the unique connection you two share. The Internet is a fantastic avenue as it allows you to connect with whoever you want and at your own comfortable pace. If you wish to meet beautiful Asian women, the Internet is the place to be.

The online world is a really interesting forum for many reasons. From shopping and banking to working and learning, all can be done on the Internet nowadays. If you have tried them and have been exposed to the perils of offline dating, you will run away from any conventional dating methods. This is exactly where you will benefit immensely with the advantages offered by the online world. With the incredible option of online dating, finding the girl of your dreams is actually possible.

By: Date Nastya

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Discover These Fun Dating Tips Designed For Your Much Awaited Meet Up

Let’s say you have been pretty successful with internet dating and have discovered great people online who are just like you: a normal person that is out there in the online dating scene, meeting people, as well as sincerely seeking companionship and perhaps long lasting romantic relationships. The challenge now could be how you will present yourself to that person in the real world, in a real meeting. While the prospect of befriending your virtual friend in real life situation might be scary, you’ll find that an offline date is the beginning of a much better connection.

The particular transition right from web based to real world doesn’t have to be hassling for you or him. Bear in mind that you both came a long way mutually, out of being total strangers to potential lifetime mates or lovers. Listed below are guidelines you can use when thinking of fun dating tips.

Take into consideration each other’s preferences – Probably you know the things he loves to do, which hobbies he loves as well as the interests you may have in common. Are you both very adventurous? Determine what leisure activity he has never ever involved in before and look for a means to plan for the both of you to try it together on your date. It could be winter sports, backpacking, jazz dancing, snorkeling and extreme sport).

Plan around places to eat – A very important factor that I discovered amongst the various fun dating ideas I have tried would be to always plan about food. You will have to dine during your date, and your enjoyment can be compromised if meals are not readily available whenever you are feeling hungry. It’s a great idea to buy food to go or prepare a picnic bag that you can carry with you on your date. Don’t prepare the meals without asking each other regarding hypersensitivity and choices. There are certain food products that others cannot eat because of their religion or tradition.

Make a sensible itinerary – Your ventures should include those that you can do in one day. A task that can take 2 or more days to finish (just like a training program) could put you on the spot in terms of selecting sleeping locations and resting lodgings.

Here are a couple of my own fun dating tips that you can also try. These pointers have helped me to make the most of my real world dates and encouraged me to continue on exploring steps to make a date fulfilling for me as well as my companion.

1. A hometown trip – This may seem dull to someone who has not attempted flaunting his / her hometown to a person who knows practically nothing about it. It is possible to put together a few short anecdotes that describe your youth, and the areas you went to while you were small. You can reveal to your date the type of individual you really are by means of showing to him the places which played a huge role in forming you into the individual that you now are.

2. A tandem photo hunt – Prepare a menu of items that you could both interpret by any means you like thru taking photographs. For instance, one thing on your list is marked “twinkle”. You may be pleasantly surprised a little when, at the end of the day, he shows you a photo that he took of your face while you are looking at the skyline. This is a great technique to cultivate your conversation, particularly when your intention is mainly to understand and not analyze each other’s masterpiece.

Now having an array of fun dating tips to select from, you have to remember that an activity signifies nothing if you cannot create a long lasting effect on your date. Have a practice of recalling exactly how he/she was during the date; which areas of it he / she liked as well as other personality quirks you found out.

By: Rolf Walser

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Online Dating Tips for Guys – How To Make It Work

Nowadays dating has become a great challenge for guys that they seek for women. The internet brings you lots of entertainment and many useful dating tips for guys. Massive numbers of dating tips for guys are available on the internet. Many advices are good comparable to others.

You have to search the best solution out of several dating tips for guys and keep try those advices which best suits for you. If you try hard and keep going, you are the one taking with the women in no time.

The main thing considering dating tips for guys will be that you have to be ready to meet people and spend your time with them. This is the most useful tip that guarantees you. If you sit at home, it is waste of time.

The only way to find a women that suits you is by dating with several women and spends more time with them. If you spend your time more, it made your date easier.

After you engage yourself with them, you are advisable to do a little work more. You have to show your interest with them by speaking genuinely and have a good time with her. It really helps you and makes the conversation effective.

Another important online dating tip for guys is to use the repeat words that she speaks with you to make your conversation more active. Listening to others and then speaking makes the conversation lively and this shows that you are really interested with them.

Romance is the key factor for guys in dating with the women to express their love and feelings. This is the very useful tactic to win the women’s heart. Usually women like guys when they are romantic.

So you better make the conversation interesting and make the event memorable. Flowers and dinner are the other factors that you can use it.

Before applying any of the dating tips for guys on the internet, you have to select the best choice that suits you. Dating should not be made in a harder way and you have to show your thoughts in a natural manner.

By: Ricky Lim

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Choosing the right dating services

Let’s face it – dating can be a challenge. This is why it is essential to find dating services reputable enough to make all the difference between flops and success. Not only will a good agency screen all candidates to ensure that no chancers slip through the cracks, but they will also carefully match prospective matches based on a wide number of factors, including beliefs, income group, profession, values, preferences and overall personality. This careful screening ensures that singles do not have to waste time, money and effort on a date… only to find out that they are completely unsuited to one another. This can lead to a lot of frustration, and can even put singles off the whole online dating process.

So, what can be done to ensure that your precious time is not wasted and you only meet the right sort of people? For one thing, you need to ensure that you are consulting an agency that has a proven track record, and a lot of happy clients. Make an informed decision, ask around and don’t be shy to ask your friends – just as you would never risk a fly-by-night mechanic, doctor or dentist, you should never risk a less than perfect dating service. Don’t settle for anything less than excellent, and don’t ever put your personal information on a dating website that you don’t feel entirely comfortable with. Instead, use a high quality agency such as Match VIP, for professional and personalised services that take out the guesswork and worry – leaving you to put your energy into surviving that all-important date.

Here are some great dating tips to help you avoid potential dating disasters…

  • Get a telephone number from your date. They may not wish to give you a home number if they are married, or may give a false work number – it is always best to check if you feel unsure.
  • Always meet in a public place that you know well on the first date. Stick to daytime for the first date, and choose somewhere you feel comfortable and safe.
  • Tell someone you know where you are going and when you plan to be back, and give them as many details about your date as possible.
  • Never allow your date to pick you up from your home, and never give your address out to a stranger.
  • Make sure that you insist on paying for yourself, and ensure that you have your own transport or a taxi to get home after your date – you do not want to feel obligated to accept lifts or drinks.
  • Pay attention to things that your date has mentioned on their dating service profile. If you catch him or her in a lie, then be extremely wary of giving them information about yourself.
  • Don’t take your date home with you on the first date. There will be time for that later when you have gotten to know your date a bit better. Trust your instincts, and if you feel uncomfortable at any time, don’t feel bad about leaving early.

      Make sure that you follow these tips to ensure your safety, and always remember to trust your instincts about the singles you meet. While reputable agencies such as Match VIP only allow the most eligible singles into their trusted client-base, you can never be certain that the people you meet are who they say they are. Trust the best dating service to help you find that special someone.

      By: Bianca Jones

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