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Dating Tips for Men—How Important is Sex?

One of the basic “rules” in modern dating tips for men is that a real man should not decide if he likes a girl until he has sex with her.  Is this fair?  Isn’t it true that women decide instantly whether they like a guy or not based on emotional attraction?  Why shouldn’t a guy then have the right to decide if he likes a woman after he gets what he wants?

There is no right or wrong here.  The simple truth is that sex is a very big factor in dating tips for men.  In general, it is best to have an idea of when sex is appropriate—from yourself and from your partner.  If you are looking for a serious relationship then be determined not to have sex on the first few dates.  If you are looking for a fling then do not raise expectations in someone else.  

Having a “come what may” attitude is where things get tricky.  If a woman starts to fall for you she may offer sex, thinking that this signifies a commitment.  To take advantage of her by implying that you are serious about a relationship, when all you want is sex, is unethical.  No, you’re not going to be arrested for it, but you may quickly develop a reputation as a “player.”  Or worse yet, you could land a chick who looks and acts like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.  Not a good match for you!

Common sense dating tips for men suggests that it’s best to broach the topic of sex openly and honestly.  There are many women that are willing to have sex without commitment.  Women get horny too and they may be thinking the same thing you are.  If you approach the situation honestly, there should be no problem.  

Sex is also important when it comes to building a real relationship.  One of the reasons why men and women break up is because of sexual problems.  Sex is very much a psychological process, just as it is a physical one.  If a woman (or a man for that matter) has some unresolved issues, then sex can prove difficult.  

Remember in dating tips for men, that there is a reason why teenagers are encouraged not to have sex; because they are young and inexperienced, and thus are not capable of handling complex emotions.  As an adult, try to take a mature view of sex.  Making mistakes involving sex is usually a much bigger headache that you planned for!  Talk to a dating coach for more information about planning your future.

By: Anna Karimo

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Speed Dating Tips and Questions to Ask

Speed dating presents an interesting new alternative to the dating scene. Since you only have a short amount of time to meet each date at a speed dating event, it’s best to come prepared with some base questions to get you started. Of course, you’ll think of other questions to ask each person based on their individual personalities.The most important thing is to keep it fun!

Here are some speed dating tips and question ideas:

Ask About Their Work

One of the most basic and simple questions to ask a new person is what they do for work. Although this doesn’t necessarily tell you much about the other person’s personality, it can still tell you a lot about the other person and show you that they are responsible.

Ask About Their Hobbies

This is probably a no-brainer. We all want to know what the other person is interested in. Asking about their hobbies can give you a lot of insight into their personality as well as what they spend their free time doing. This can be one of the best ways to judge compatibility in a short amount of time.

Get to Know What They are Looking For

You’ll definitely want to ask what they are looking for in a date. Are they the type that wants to get married, settle down and have children? Or are they just looking for a partner to accompany them on adventures? This is a sure-fire way to judge whether or not the two of you are moving in the same direction in life. You’ll definitely want to avoid the dates that have opposite views from you regarding what they want, because you shouldn’t go into dating someone with the intent to change their ways.

Ask About Children

It’s always good to know upfront if a potential partner has any children. Although children are not an issue for a lot of people, there may be others who see this as a problem. It is good to ask about this early on, as you want to find this out before you end up falling for your date.

Ask About Their Pets

Depending on your own personality type, this may or may not be an important question for you to ask. If you have your own pets, you will certainly want to find out how they feel about animals. If you are a serious animal lover, you will definitely want to pass up the dates that are very against having pets.

Ask Simple Questions

Sometimes, it’s best to just ask simple questions to get the conversation started. After all, no one wants to have a date that doesn’t say anything- in order to speed date you have to be able to keep the conversation flowing. If you are suddenly stuck, consider asking them where they took their last holiday. Or what their favorite books are. Asking someone what they like is a perfect way to open the conversation up, and it also gives you a great opportunity to delve a little bit deeper into their personality.

When you are at one of these events, try to relax and enjoy yourself. If you relax and follow the speed dating tips above you’ll hopefully end up with a phone number or two at the end of the night!

By: Suzanne Morrison

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Dating Tips for Men: What Men Need to Know When Dating

There are tons of dating tips for men to give their lovers a good time. You probably already know that you need to spend some quality time with your partner to keep the love growing in a relationship.

But not all of these dating tips for men can be the right method for you; in fact, you need to choose them carefully to make them work according to your romantic plans.

They do not necessarily have to be based on your actions. In truth, they will only be successful if you put your entire heart into it – it is for your special someone, after all.

Don’t Start Being Too Intimate On The First Date.

The ultimate show of love and affection in a relationship is physical intimacy. In fact, a date is always a prelude to this exciting activity – but is not always the case on first dates.

Keep a tight rein on desire, and concentrate more on getting to know the person that you are attracted to. Physical intimacy can come later when both of you have developed the trust needed in a relationship, unless she’s the one who shows the first move.

Show Your Interest.

Each of us has opinions; you may like this, but your partner may not. One dating tip is to show an interest to your partner’s idea even if it doesn’t coincide with your own way of thinking.

One of the proven dating tips for men is to show her that you are very interested with what she’s saying by paying attention, agreeing with her ideas, or even stating some facts that would go well with her way of thinking.

Dating tips for men can vary from one person to another. In truth, the important thing that you should remember in a date is to give your partner the attention and affection that she deserves in a love relationship.

By: Michael Lee

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Choosing the right dating services

Let’s face it – dating can be a challenge. This is why it is essential to find dating services reputable enough to make all the difference between flops and success. Not only will a good agency screen all candidates to ensure that no chancers slip through the cracks, but they will also carefully match prospective matches based on a wide number of factors, including beliefs, income group, profession, values, preferences and overall personality. This careful screening ensures that singles do not have to waste time, money and effort on a date… only to find out that they are completely unsuited to one another. This can lead to a lot of frustration, and can even put singles off the whole online dating process.

So, what can be done to ensure that your precious time is not wasted and you only meet the right sort of people? For one thing, you need to ensure that you are consulting an agency that has a proven track record, and a lot of happy clients. Make an informed decision, ask around and don’t be shy to ask your friends – just as you would never risk a fly-by-night mechanic, doctor or dentist, you should never risk a less than perfect dating service. Don’t settle for anything less than excellent, and don’t ever put your personal information on a dating website that you don’t feel entirely comfortable with. Instead, use a high quality agency such as Match VIP, for professional and personalised services that take out the guesswork and worry – leaving you to put your energy into surviving that all-important date.

Here are some great dating tips to help you avoid potential dating disasters…

  • Get a telephone number from your date. They may not wish to give you a home number if they are married, or may give a false work number – it is always best to check if you feel unsure.
  • Always meet in a public place that you know well on the first date. Stick to daytime for the first date, and choose somewhere you feel comfortable and safe.
  • Tell someone you know where you are going and when you plan to be back, and give them as many details about your date as possible.
  • Never allow your date to pick you up from your home, and never give your address out to a stranger.
  • Make sure that you insist on paying for yourself, and ensure that you have your own transport or a taxi to get home after your date – you do not want to feel obligated to accept lifts or drinks.
  • Pay attention to things that your date has mentioned on their dating service profile. If you catch him or her in a lie, then be extremely wary of giving them information about yourself.
  • Don’t take your date home with you on the first date. There will be time for that later when you have gotten to know your date a bit better. Trust your instincts, and if you feel uncomfortable at any time, don’t feel bad about leaving early.

      Make sure that you follow these tips to ensure your safety, and always remember to trust your instincts about the singles you meet. While reputable agencies such as Match VIP only allow the most eligible singles into their trusted client-base, you can never be certain that the people you meet are who they say they are. Trust the best dating service to help you find that special someone.

      By: Bianca Jones

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      Find Singles on your own mobile with Mobile Dating Service

      Mobile dating service, an ultimate dating resource for mobile users!

      Why bound yourself to online dating when mobile dating leads the way and lets you find singles on your own mobile phone using location based mobile dating services? If you have a phone set with Google Android or iPhone applications, a free hand, and a bit of romance in your heart, then phone dating service might interest you. With mobile dating services, you get the ability to find a date and have the access to the profiles of hundreds of men and women anywhere and anytime using Google android and iPhone dating applications.

      This technology of matching couples is amazing and the most appropriate algorithms are used to match you with a person that goes along with your personality and is likely to share your interests. Whether it is to fall in love or just to find a companion or a date, phone dating is a quick and fun way to enjoy your dating experience. With the mobile phone dating services you will be able to find singles that have the similar desires as yours.

      The chances for getting a cute and compatible nearby date are much higher while using a location based phone dating service as compare to getting a date in a bar or a disco because not everyone in the bar or a nightclub is looking for a date or is an appropriate match for you whereas every profile that is using the mobile dating service is searching for a companion or a lover and that is why the chances of getting a date is higher. Mobile dating not just makes the dating procedure simple and fast but also lets you find singles immediately.
      Location based mobile dating services are 100% free to register and there is absolutely no charge whatsoever to try it out and that is reason why thousand of singles are joining the cell phone dating services. Mobile dating lets you connect on your own terms, you decide who you want to connect with and when. Join mobile dating service today to mingle with a compatible single!


      By: Tis Amit

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      The Six Sixes

      Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

      You know how men use a scale from 1-10 to determine a woman’s attractiveness? A 10
      is a smoking-hot babe a la Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and a 1 is something that crawled
      out of a murky Louisiana swamp. Well, women have their scale too, and it’s called
      the Six Sixes. But unlike men’s method, which judges women based solely on their
      appearance, the Six Sixes evaluates men on their bodies, their income and their ability
      to…perform.  In other words, women have come up with a system of our own, created to weed
      out the average Joes from the Brad Pitts. Shallow? Perhaps, but don’t think
      she’s not judging you. Unless she’s a gold
      and solely out for the cash, most gorgeous, independent women are going for the
      gold: the crème de la crème of men. Put plainly, we’re looking to score as
      many sixes as we can. The more sixes a girl can score, the better. A ten-incher or a
      seven-figure salary can make up for a lack in the other departments, but if you’re
      majorly missing one of the below, you might want to start working on filling in the gaps.
      Read on for a breakdown of the Six Sixes.

      A six-figure salary

      These days a six-figure salary isn’t much, but it’s sure as hell better than
      a five-figure salary.
      Five figures is fine for your average Joe, but to many ambitious women, five figures
      screams middle class. A successful woman is searching for someone who can treat her to the
      finer things in life: last-minute weekends in Paris, vacations in Bali and expensive
      dinners. But it’s not just about the material things. No matter how equal women
      become to men, when it’s all said and done, money equals power and masculinity. A
      man who earns a lot of money can more easily take care of his family. And to a lot of us,
      that is way sexy.

      At least six feet tall

      It almost goes without saying that taller men are more attractive to women. Six feet is a
      good starting point; it’s sort of like how guys think of a 36C cup size. Height
      suggests safety and security. We like to feel small and protected in the arms of our guy.
      A man who’s two inches taller than us is not likely to make us feel sexy or taken
      care of. More likely we’ll feel like we’re hanging out with a friend – and that is
      not going to get us hot and bothered.

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