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Online Dating Singles Advice: Become a Australian Marriage Statistic

The average Australian family no longer necessarily consists of a mother, father and children. In today’s society we find a variety of different set ups living happily side by side. Singles are on the increase and are increasingly found to be enjoying this additional time “on the shelf”.

Decreases in marriage rates, increases in the divorce rate, wider acceptance of cohabitation, same sex relationships and the growing independence of women all have helped shape the diverse society we find today. Having children outside of wedlock is considered the norm and the increases in cohabitation mean that not all family separations are documented – making the figure far higher than the 33% divorce rate documented by the Australian Bureau of statistics. Of the people who do marry, most are doing it later in life – the average age for a man to marry now stands at 30.5 and 28 years old for women. Divorced people have a far higher likelihood of remarriage compared to those widowed with 56% of divorced men heading down the aisle again and 46% in women – in contrast only 3% of widows were likely to remarry.

So what does all this mean for today’s aging, once again singles? In some ways its good news. There are many more daters of both sexes available on the market! Businesses of all types have sprung up to target this market segment with singles speed dating nights, singles socials, singles clubs, singles online dating sites, singles adventure activities, singles friendship meets and even single Christian congregations! In the UK well known supermarkets even advertise singles shopping nights with statistics showing that singles often end up meeting their would be partner at the supermarket.

Finding a partner, if that is what you want, need not be a stressful or desperate endeavor. Singles who are confident and comfortable with themselves and who are happy socializing will always do well but not all is lost for those a little more shy or who live in an area that is less densely populated than central Sydney!

Online dating sites make it easy to chat and to meet other people with similar interests. Online dating allows anyone to be a social butterfly – with some sites offering the ability to set up groups for singles to attract those with similar mindsets to your own. Of course the best online dating sites for singles are free – it seems silly to spend money on standard communication tools such as webcam chats, groups and email contact. Commercial sites end up costing a fair chunk of money that could be invested in self improvement or on socializing. Larger sites are impersonal too and can easily overwhelm the genuine dater as the professional, serial romancers take all the credits. Why not choose a smaller, well set up site and really let your confidence build – set up some groups, be the initiator of conversations and take a more positive step towards being one of Australia’s marriage Statistics!

By: Mark Date

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Romance Scammers: The Dark Side of Online Dating


In 2007, Lawal Adekunle Nurudee, a Nigerian, scammed an Australian woman a total of ,000 in cash. He had replied to her personal ad and claimed to be a British engineer named Benson Lawson working in Nigeria. He told her his wife and child had been killed in a car accident and that he needed money to pay for his medical treatment. His cleverly veiled deceit was soon uncovered and he was ordered to pay her.

Millions of lonely hearts are using the Internet to look for love. Problem is, scammers are also using the web but for a sinister purpose. Many online scammers or swindlers are from Russia, the Philippines, and Nigeria, although practically anyone with a computer can be a romance scammer.

How can you tell if the gorgeous guy or gal you met on the Internet is a scammer? Asking you for money is the number one telltale sign. They first try to string you along by professing undying love for you and telling you about their numerous misfortunes. Watch out for the following red flags:

* The members of their family were killed in an accident or were needing prompt medical treatment.

* They were stranded in a foreign land and can’t afford to go back to their own country.

* They would like to meet you but can’t afford the plane fare.

* They were abducted or robbed or have a serious disease that could prove fatal unless immediate treatment is received.

* They are Caucasian males working as consultants or engineers in Africa.

* They tell you how much they love you, although you have just met online.

When dealing with suspicious personalities on the Internet/dating websites, a little skepticism goes a long way. The anonymity of the Internet has made it possible for virtually anyone to assume a different identity. That photo he or she is using on an online dating site could just be a picture of a local celebrity. Never send money! If he or she wants to know your bank or credit card details, that’s an obvious sign that the person is out to scam you.

With many victims of romance scams coming forward to tell their story, it’s hard to believe that some people are still falling into the scammers’ trap. The stranded-in-Africa plot has been going on for years and seems too wild to be taken at face value, and yet people are still being victimized.

To avoid becoming a victim, make it a point to check on the person’s background first before you waste a lot of time giving him or her the time of day! Run a search on Google and check if the person has a Facebook or LinkedIn account. Pay special attention to photos as some of these may just be from Google Images. Overall, if something doesn’t add up, that’s a bad sign.

By: Mr Online Dating

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Tell Us Your Singles & Online Dating Experiences, Strategies and Insights

With the growing popularity of online dating as a valid, fun and useful way to meet people, La Trobe University’s School of Public Health and the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society are conducting a project to find out about the experiences of young adults who use online dating. In particular they’re looking to interview people between the ages of 18 and 30.

This project grew out of a smaller study conducted by one of the researchers, Danielle Couch, when she was studying and using online dating herself:

‘I’d used various online dating sites to meet people and had my own little processes for making my way through the online dating world. I’d send a wink or a kiss, maybe we’d correspond via a few emails or chat online for a while. Then if we decided to meet face to face I’d want to think about when and where that would be. I started wondering if other people followed the same kind of routine or did they do things differently. So I started developing a research idea.

The outcome of Danielle’s ponderings was a small research project as part of her post-graduate studies. She interviewed 15 people online, using chat. In the interviews the participants chatted online about their own online dating experiences, what they did and didn’t do to manage risk, how many people they’d met, how many people they’d had sex with through online dating, did they take safety precautions, were they into safe sex and how did it all compare to meeting people in other ways.

Working in public health, I knew there’d been some research in the US looking at the relationship between online dating and the spread of sexually transmitted infections  – how the internet can let you meet people quickly and how it could be an efficient way to access casual sex partners and potentially spread infection. I wondered was this relevant in Australia? Did other online daters think about this stuff? Was it any different to going out and picking someone up in a bar on the weekend?’

The interviews ranged from 30 minutes to 3 hours in duration, depending on what each person wanted to share and what else they were doing at the time.

One of the things about interviewing people online is that you have to recognise they’re probably multi-tasking. We all do it when we’re online. So I knew when I was chatting with people I was one of several things they might be doing – that’s just the reality of being online. I had one memorable interview where a participant was in four other dating related chats and also watching some sexually explicit webcam action. I remember her apologising to me at one stage as she was a bit slow in responding to one of my questions as she was getting distracted by the web-cam show.

The general consensus was the people interviewed enjoyed the process; in fact several interviewees would often update Danielle via chat on their most recent experiences as they wanted these included in the project.

The findings from this earlier study have led to the current project. Over the next few months the researchers are looking to interview between 30 and 40 people via chat about their online dating experiences. If you’d like to be part of this project and share your thoughts, experiences and opinions about online dating then just add onlinedating@latrobe.edu.au to your messenger or visit project webpage to find out more. All interviews will be confidential.

By: Mr Online Dating

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Australian Online Dating Research

The past several years has seen a serge in the popularity of online dating sites. There is an extensive selection of dating sites in Australia with more launching everyday focusing on niche interests such as sexuality, religion, location and geography.

Various dating websites include related information and advice regarding online dating safety. Such advice can often include:

* Protecting your privacy, by taking steps not to divulge personal information unless it’s absolutely necessary.

* Set up a specific email address for communication, by doing this it’s easy to close the email account if things don’t work out.

* Meet your new online friend in a public venue, and try to make the first date short. The first time you meet someone online is to simply assess any potential chemistry.

* Take steps to ensure they are who they say they are. Web cam and online dating profile photo’s are the best way to be sure you’re not being tricked.

* Always be aware that dating online have scam members, and never communicate with anyone who asks for help or money.

The question remains, do paid and free dating sites pose a serious risk? Various research undertaken varies…

Several years prior U.S. researchers released data suggesting that online dating could accelerate the spread of STDs due to the speed in which people can meet and interact and the availability to access online personals.

Additional research uncovered in other parts of the world determined that singles who use the internet searching for sex have greater rates of sexual practices on a casual basis as opposed to singles who do not use online dating sites. Men and women who search for sexual liaisons on the internet were also likely to meet high-risk sex partners offline as well indicating the internet merely presents an additional alternative to conventional dating options.

As a general rule, people have various ways of managing the risk when dating online. Being able to verify one’s real identity prior to the first online date was the greatest concern. You can take measures to alleviate this concern by checking out their Facebook page or asking for their vehicle registration. Most people had their own method of reducing online danger and tended to follow their own processes to stay safe.

By: Mr Online Dating

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