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Dating Tips For Boys – How to Pull the Hottest Girl in School

If you are new to the dating scene, you may want to get hold of dating tips for boys who do not exactly know what to do.

To score a date, you do not need to have a gorgeous body like that of a cover magazine model. A contoured body is a good pickup for a date but not all women are interested in meeting Adonis. Just look at the celebrities in Hollywood who despite their attractiveness never got a passing grade in relationships.

* Scan the dating scene for available girls. The first thing to do is to decide what kind of girl you are searching. When you date, you make sure that you commit to it with all your heart.

* Prepare your physique for the dating game. As mentioned earlier, the perfect body is not a must in getting a relationship work but a contoured body would always have a plus point on dates. Other preparation includes dieting, grooming, and having a haircut. The aim here is to build your confidence.

* Choose clothes that best describe your personality. During dates, you aim to be expressive yet presentable. Pick clothes that make an impression you are most able to sustain for life. Never try to look like someone you really are not in the first place.

* Ask yourself your purpose and timetable for the date. Avoid rushing things over. Are you dating just for sex or for long time relationship? When it is just for sex, be honest with your date and do not appear like you want to have a serious relationship. Honesty is a vital factor in dates. When you masquerade yourself in lies, expect a backlash sooner or later.

* Build your confidence level. This thing should be above all dating tips for boys. When you know your aim and you are well prepared for that big date, there is really nothing to worry about. Maintain the mantra of confidence rejecting negativity when it comes along your way.

* Be prepared for the outcome of the date whether it is positive or negative. In other words, be realistic. When you date, you would like to have someone who you have a good chance to click with.

* Get out and do your homework. You will never score a date if you just trap yourself in the four corners of your home. Join clubs, societies, organizations, support groups, and other socialized groups. Doing this enables you to look for a possible date.

* Once in a while, take a rest from dating. Dating consecutively without any results can be intoxicating. Recharge by knowing when to stop and start dating again.

* Chances are readers searching for dating tips for boys are the ones who fret on what to do on that big night. When you date, just be yourself. Enjoy the night. Dating is socializing with people and if you should just act normally. Dating is not just searching for bed buddies or girlfriends; it is also a quest for friendship. Go on with the total flow of the night and delve in the fruits of your labor.

* Maintain mystery in dates. Prohibit yourself from making your self look too available. The best results happen when you don’t rush things. This means that if you want the dating to progress to a relationship, do not try to have sex on your first date. If sex is your aim early on, then push for it. If you really like the girl, wait for the emotions to blossom before taking her to bed.

By: Bernice Eker

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The Six Sixes

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

You know how men use a scale from 1-10 to determine a woman’s attractiveness? A 10
is a smoking-hot babe a la Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and a 1 is something that crawled
out of a murky Louisiana swamp. Well, women have their scale too, and it’s called
the Six Sixes. But unlike men’s method, which judges women based solely on their
appearance, the Six Sixes evaluates men on their bodies, their income and their ability
to…perform.  In other words, women have come up with a system of our own, created to weed
out the average Joes from the Brad Pitts. Shallow? Perhaps, but don’t think
she’s not judging you. Unless she’s a gold
and solely out for the cash, most gorgeous, independent women are going for the
gold: the crème de la crème of men. Put plainly, we’re looking to score as
many sixes as we can. The more sixes a girl can score, the better. A ten-incher or a
seven-figure salary can make up for a lack in the other departments, but if you’re
majorly missing one of the below, you might want to start working on filling in the gaps.
Read on for a breakdown of the Six Sixes.

A six-figure salary

These days a six-figure salary isn’t much, but it’s sure as hell better than
a five-figure salary.
Five figures is fine for your average Joe, but to many ambitious women, five figures
screams middle class. A successful woman is searching for someone who can treat her to the
finer things in life: last-minute weekends in Paris, vacations in Bali and expensive
dinners. But it’s not just about the material things. No matter how equal women
become to men, when it’s all said and done, money equals power and masculinity. A
man who earns a lot of money can more easily take care of his family. And to a lot of us,
that is way sexy.

At least six feet tall

It almost goes without saying that taller men are more attractive to women. Six feet is a
good starting point; it’s sort of like how guys think of a 36C cup size. Height
suggests safety and security. We like to feel small and protected in the arms of our guy.
A man who’s two inches taller than us is not likely to make us feel sexy or taken
care of. More likely we’ll feel like we’re hanging out with a friend – and that is
not going to get us hot and bothered.

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