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Christian Dating Tips – How to Use Advanced Christian Dating Tips to Your Advantage

Here some christian dating tips that you might want to take into consideration when you are trying to get yourself a christian date.

Approaches may be direct (you have to communicate your sexual interest) and indirect (in which you are only apparently interested). Also a woman can “invite” a man to approach her by non-verbal signs (look, smile, posture).

In the seduction community it is well known how important is for a man to see the little signs which a woman sends them (playing with hair, laughs), indicators of interest from their part.

Almost all the masters in seduction acknowledge the feeling “fear approach” and that this fear of approach grows in intensity more and more if the approach is delayed.

There is a rule which is called “the 3 seconds rule” which say that when you notice a girl that you like is best to go to her in those first 3 seconds to say hello, this way you increase your chances to receive a positive answer from her because the spontaneity of the moment is to your advantage.

Other christian dating tips include that lines for picking up girls can be learned or improvised.

The approach is a very important step in the evolution of any man who wants to become satisfied with the results he has in the field of seduction.

They are a kind of “school” for gathering experience in conversations with women, to develop the ability to tell, to improvise, to create strong feelings and sexual attraction to a woman.

Neil Strauss, a well known expert in the seduction community and in christian dating tips, describes an individual who has made 125 approaches in a single day. So it can be done, maybe not at the level, but the important idea is that it can be done.

The seduction game is no different from any other area of life. There is a learning process, there are several ways and it all depends on the internal motivation that whoever wants to learn one has.

Another important aspect in christian dating tips is that if you treat superficial seduction, the results you will have will be shallow.

If you take the commitment to attain mastery in this area, if you know the results do not come overnight and you are willing to adopt a whole lifestyle to make you a better person, the results will be seen in all areas of life.

By: Steve J. Wilson

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General Vs. Senior Dating Service Sites: Which One Serves The Interests Of The Older Single Better?

Those looking to return to the dating seen at an older age may be curious about joining a senior dating service. Or, they may be considering joining a “generic” large community dating site that has some senior members.

The mere fact that they are considering means they may be weighing the merits of the two different approaches to signing up. They may be wondering if there is a difference between a generic dating service vs. a senior dating service. There are most definitely differences between the two.

Understanding a few of these differences can aid the potential member into making a specific decision as to which site to join.

The main difference between a specialized site and a site that accepts a wide spectrum of members will be the need to itemize and customize your search for someone that matches the age of the senior. Is this a difficult process?

Actually, it really is not. Simply narrowing a search down to age, gender, and other specifics such as lifestyle, background, etc is all that is required. However, you can skip a large part of this step when you align with a senior dating service.

Since all the members of a senior dating service are elderly, the need to eliminate other members that do not fit that description is possible.

Also, when you join an age specific site you will not have to deal with inquiries and email from those that do not fit your age requirements. Having an email inbox flooded with emails from people you are not compatible with can turn out to be a major hassle. Why deal with it when you don’t have to? Stick with a senior dating service if you have concerns of this nature. It will eliminate a number of additional steps and hassles.

It is also important to point out that there really are no differences between senior dating service sites and the functional operation of any other type of dating site. In other words, you will get the same user friendly benefits that would be found with a standard dating site.

So, you need not assume that you would be sacrificing any usability due to signing on with a senior dating service. The design and formatting of the site will stay the same while the content of the site will change (to better suit your needs). Consider it no different than comparing one website to one another.

Those weighing their options between general and specific dating sites will probably find joining a specific one a better option. In particular, those that may be interested in a senior dating service site will most assuredly agree with this assessment. It simply makes better sense on a variety of levels.

By: David Kamau

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