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Great Online Dating Ice Breakers – part 1

So, you notice this absolutely ravishing femme fatale in your chat lobby where you usually hang out to spend time and meet interesting singles and are dying to ask her out, what do you do? Simple, go ahead and ask her out! But remember, do it with style and do not come across as a desperate guy who’s been swept off his feet by her beauty and charm. Approaching women is difficult, but not if you have the right attitude and the right set of words to start a conversation. Here are a few tips that will help you break the ice, anytime, anywhere!

Introduce yourself. You can kick start a conversation with, “Hi, I’m Mike. I don’t think we’ve been introduced before.” Such a conversation starter, which is neither too hot nor too cold will surely attract her attention and bag you a response. You are not flirting with her but being casual and chilled out. Women like that and are bound to respond in a friendly way.

Next ask her what she does. This will help you know a little bit about her and drive the conversation in the direction where her interest lies. While online dating, it is important that you pay attention to what the person you are talking to says. Gather details and show your interest. Saying something like, “oh, so you are studying” or “Oh, so you work at the bank! Do you find it interesting?” will make her talk more about herself.

When you have established a comfort level with her, you can go ahead and ask her if she is single (and let’s hope that she is!!!). Saying something like “Knowing that you are so talented, I need to know…are you single?” or “Could I be so lucky that you’re single?” will flatter her. If she is, she will react quite positively and you approaching her in a manner that demands a response will make her give you one.

Now that the stage is set, you can be a little blunt. However, be easy-going and DO NOT sound desperate to take her out on a date. Try to be intriguing here on and let her ask you questions. This will help you understand whether she is already attracted to you or not. Whatever the case may be, try to avoid awkward silence. There really are a million ways to keep a woman hooked on an online dating website. From what she loves doing to talking about the place she lives in, what she finds attractive in a man to where would she like to go on her honeymoon…women love sweet talk as much as they love sweet, kind and considerate men. So go ahead and try your luck! Before you know it, you will be dating this gorgeous woman!

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Most Common Online Dating Lies

Online dating sounds quite exciting. But more often than not singles tell a bunch of lies to attract other singles. If you too are dating someone online and pretty serious about the ‘relationship’ there are few things that you must cross-check before you move ahead with the plan. Else, you might just be in for a surprise!

Looks: as much as people might claim that ‘looks don’t matter’, truth is, everybody wants a very attractive dating partner. In the world of online dating, people often tend to post a fake profile picture to lure other singles. Also, both men and women put pictures of celebrities or super stars to hide their own identity. This is the most common online dating lie. They perhaps want to get things started first and then eventually reveal their true selves. That is why they lie blatantly about their looks, height, body statistics and other such details in order to create a really impressive and attractive picture of themselves in their dating partners mind. If you are dating someone online, make sure you know how that person exactly looks in real life in order to avoid disappointment when you actually meet them.

Marital status: dating sites are full of men and women who are actually married but are looking for a little casual, flirtatious relationship outside their marriage. This is why most dating men and women lie about their marital status. It is easy for singles to attract partners and this prompts many married men and women to lie about their marital status.

Location: if dating men and women are not serious about a relationship and are just looking for a casual fling, there are chances that they will lie about their exact location. If they are married, they obviously do not want strange ‘surprise’ visitors or ‘gifts’ arriving at their place. Lying about one’s location too is a very common dating lie that people resort to.

Profession/hobby: while meeting and interacting with people on dating sites, singles might find a lot in common with one another. Obviously, they do not want to let go of the chance to hit it off with the dating partner. So, sometimes, they lie about their hobbies or professions just to show how much they have in common with those they are interested in. Sometimes, they also lie in order to impress the other person. In any case, what they say is far from reality and when caught can actually jeopardize a perfectly beautiful relationship.

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First Date Tips for Ladies and Boys

Do you want to know several effective first date tips? If so lean back on your chair and keep reading because this article is about the best first date tips for women and men. First, we’ll write about thinking ahead and getting ready, including how to dress and where to go for the date. Next, we’ll discuss about how to interact and body language. Third, we’ll discuss about ending the evening properly.

The most important first date tips for women are about how you look. If you’re a boy, your primary focus is finding a suited, fun and great place to take your date to. Try not to take her to a boring dinner or restaurant or cinema, rather try a more interactive approach such as a stand-up comedy show or a bowling evening. So ladies, keep in mind that you don’t want to dress too sexy on your first date, but it’s OK to do it on your following date. Don’t put on a mini skirt already, you might scare the man; put a dress on, or something comfy like jeans and a cute top. If he takes you to a show, use a classy look, if the date is outdoors use a casual or sport outfit.

The man has to lead the interaction, but not in a very superior or aggressive way. He chooses the location, he leads the way, he’s the host of the date. Try to make contact with her body from the start, hug her when you meet, tell her she’s cute. Be laid-back and don’t occupy her personal space overmuch. Your body language will tell her you’re needy. Flirt with her and keep eye contact with her. Back to the girls, Women can smile, can flirt with him, but more as a reply to his actions, because if you show you’re too charged or you flirt twice as he does, you might intimidate the man. Don’t get too close to him all of a sudden, act normal, but don’t show a tight body language either, by keeping your focus on everything else but him and giving him short bored replies. Have fun and let yourselves to get connected naturally.

At the end of the date plan with her a second date. Think where you’re going to meet and discuss about it right now, and you won’t have to delay several days to call her again and ask her where would she like to go next. When you’re leaving she could expect you to kiss her, but not all the time. If you feel connected to her, and your bodies are comfortable together after touching her shoulders, her hands, her back numerous times, then go ahead and kiss her don’t refrain yourself. An effective advice for women it’s to play him a little bit at the end. If he’ll try to kiss you, don’t go for it, but smile as if you’d have liked it. And if he attempts to make out with you again, stop him and give him a tiny kiss yourself. This way he’ll die to see you again.

Apply these first date tips to enhance your dating life right away. We pulled them together from dozens and dozens of relationships tips and they seem to be the most effective first date tips for women and men anywhere.

By: Nathan Hall

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