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Sending Your First Online Dating Message

Sending Your First Online Dating Message

Online dating gives you the freedom to choose whom you would like to have a conversation with and the flexibility of doing so from the comfort of your home. You can browse though hundreds of profiles to see which one matches your personality and only then proceed by sending the person a message. Traditionally, you would have had to go out on a few dates before you could understand whether or not the two of you are compatible – in online dating, all it takes is a quick look at the listed profiles. Also, for naturally shy people, online dating is an excellent way of opening up and starting a friendship.

Despite all these advantages, online dating also has its disadvantages and pressures of its own. When you meet your date in person, it is easier to be witty, thoughtful, flirtatious and to impress the other person with your charm. In online dating, the only means of communication open to you is the written word and you will have to manage all the above in the dating message that you send. This obviously means that you have to give sufficient thought to the way you want to word you first online dating message.

First of all, it is very important that you send a clear message that you are interested in this person. Just as you would in your first date, let them know how impressed you are by the interests listed in the profile and how quite a few of them match your very own. Try to state this as matter of fact as possible without going overboard. Remember since you are still an unknown to the other person, there is always a real danger of you coming off as a creep. Convey very clearly what it is about this person that first grabbed your attention, give a few more details about yourself and suggest to him or her, the possibility of going out on a date.

Online dating brings with it the danger of dating a complete stranger, who in the beginning may even remain faceless. While you certainly have plenty of choice and will be able to immediately know whether the other person’s interests match yours, you also do not really now how the other person is going to behave when out on a date. Remember the person you are trying to date will also be having similar doubts. It is therefore important that your message reflects your thinking and your personality as much as possible. If you are an introvert and find it difficult to strike conversations with the opposite sex, getting someone else to write pages and pages of romantic poetry for you will do you no good. Stick to being who you are, stay honest and tell him or her frankly what kind of a person you are. Chances are things will work out better when you are honest than trying to impress someone being who you are not.

Remember, online dating has just made dating technologically advanced and more convenient but the basic rules of dating still apply.

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